xray test management for jira
This will help us to track test execution status in folder wise as well as overall execution.There are possibilities to create a test, test set and test execution from Test Board as below snapshot.

At the right pane, when you click on “Down Arrow”, the following report shows up.

This will ensure to track our test execution progress in terms of Manual test. What is Xray? We can manage and maintain Test project is dedicated for QA team.

At this moment, there is some redundant work by QA tester in the following ways: To Address all this issue, Xray offers an awesome feature to import your feature file from automation project. Implement Code (Step definition) for feature file and modify steps if necessary.

Optionally, choose the configuration file if you saved your settings from your previous import. This is to improve its use, to personalize your experience, and to compile visitor statistics.

Use Create Button at top of the screen in JIRA and later associate with Test, Select “Pre-Condition Type” and add conditions and associate Test ID in Test Tab (You can associate multiple Test ids), Using Create button on top, create Test Execution and Associate Test and Test Plan. You'll find us in London, Boston, New York, Irvine, Orlando, Columbus, Seattle, Boise, Montreal, Toronto, Toulouse, Paris, Rotterdam, Brussels, Lausanne, Olten, and Zurich. Xray provides the Test Execution issue, which acts as an assignable task for executing a group of tests (either manual or automated) and collects the respective test results for a specific project version and environment.

It often contains detailed instructions or goals as well as information on the configuration to be used during testing. Performance Test Framework: Cucumber+JMeter+TestNG, Rest Assured using Serenity BDD Framework, Success Story in the Atlassian Marketplace, https://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/public/XRAY/Using+Generic+Tests+for+Automation, https://sandbox.xpand-it.com/rest/api/2/issue/19719, https://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/public/XRAY/Testing+with+Cucumber, https://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/public/XRAY/Test+Runs+-+REST, https://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/public/XRAY/Test+Examples+-+REST, https://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/public/XRAY/Test+Step+Results+-+REST, https://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/public/XRAY/Examples+of+Reports+Built+with+Xporter, https://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/public/XRAY/Reporting+using+Gadgets, https://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/public/XRAY/Built-in+Reports, Your User Credential to be generated in basic authorization format, Need to upload File as you content-type is multipart/form-data, upload appropriate feature file or .zip file in Rest Client, Robot Framework XML output format multipart, Basic Authorization, Content-Type: application/json, Uses Jira issues, custom fields, screens, workflows, Traceability between requirements, tests, defects, executions, Define reusable preconditions and associate to tests, Integrates with test automation frameworks, including Selenium, JUnit, Nunit, Charts and reports (For eg., Traceability etc.,), Enable Xray in Existing Requirement Project, Create New Xray Project and map to Requirement Project. In Xray basically, we have to create test execution whenever we wanted to run a set of tests.


5. The reason is, often we change our gherkin syntax in VCS (Bitbucket or GitHub), there may be situations not in sync between Automation VCS and JIRA. Create Cucumber tests (e.g. Product Team is not able to see how we write a feature file in an earlier stage (Before Development), In this approach, there are possibilities to edit the cucumber test in VCS (bitbucket of GitHub) as well as JIRA. This will help you to track report on daily basis and project to Management regarding how we did perform part of planning. To add Xray issue types to your Jira project, configure the project settings as follows: Under Xray Settings, on the Summary tab, click the link to edit issue types for the Xray project.

From the perspective of Manual, Automation, Shift Left Approach (Development, QA and DevOps) collaboration and compared with other plugin or testing tools, Xray is awesome tool which provides built-in REST API support, more flexible, Customizable report, Multiple Framework support (Including Cucumber Native), great efforts for collaboration and available with low Price. Gherkin syntax gets highlighted with blue font color as mentioned in the below snapshot.

The screens look like below snapshots. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I select “With Status” to create Test Execution, in this case, I have 4 ToDo Cases need to be execution part of Version 1.0 Test Plan.

https://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/public/XRAY/Import+Execution+Results+-+REST, Also, recommend going through step by step in the above section: “How to Import Cucumber Execution Results in Test”, Note: The import can be done either REST API or Jenkins Xray Plugin for Import Test and Test Execution Results.

Go to your selected test project to view the imported tests: The order of test steps will be as listed in your CSV file. By default, it list number of tests that were associated in the test plan with one folder, We can customize the test by creating more sub-folder and categorize tests as below snapshot.


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