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Lisa Kay is the expert shoe designer behind footwear brand, Jill Ferrari PhD, BSc (Hons) has worked as a podiatrist in NHS and private practice since 1988. For a second year, we celebrated our love of the album on Saturday 12th October! He said his "One Nation" Conservative Party would focus on the National Health Service. Or at least he might be tempted to think that. Join the CELEBRATION NATION by finding out what we are celebrating tomorrow, notices on freebies and special deals for National Days from businesses around the country as well as awesome contests! Follow at @AlbumDayUK on Twitter and share your #MyAlbumEscape to be in with a chance to win! It could be the album that has got you through lockdown or a record you turn to and turn on to take yourself elsewhere. England and Wales (UK) Public Holidays 2021, Northern Ireland (UK) Public Holidays 2021, Northern Ireland (UK) Public Holidays 2020, England and Wales (UK) Public Holidays 2020, Northern Ireland (UK) Public Holidays 2019, England and Wales (UK) Public Holidays 2019. Scotland made a very clear statement by voting emphatically for a party that wants to remain in the EU. Many Labour voters did indeed lend Johnson their votes. This might have been because of a mess of an interview he gave in which implied that people died in the Grenfell Tower disaster because they were not intelligent enough to run away. A full list of all of the National Album Day activity happening across Radio, Television and Online. National Bunion Day takes place on 24th September 2020. But more than half of the electorate didn't vote for his Conservative Party. The government's most immediate task will be to negotiate the UK's departure from the European Union. Ask the Experts - Read the experts' answers to the most frequently asked questions about bunions and bunion surgery. Got a question for us? Up to the minute results of the 2019 General Election from BBC News. A panel of foot and shoe experts are here to provide information about caring for your bunions – whatever their size or severity. Find the holiday dates in 2019 for St Patrick’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Early May bank holiday, Spring bank holiday, Orangemen’s Day, Summer bank holiday, St Andrew’s Day, Christmas and Boxing Day. The former leader of the UK Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, says she’s proud that her party was the “unapologetic voice” against Brexit in the election campaign -- even though it didn’t work. Reissue of Alphaville's Forever Young on 180g orange vinyl, Digital release of Out of The Darkness - 35th anniversary. Put your ultimate 80's album knowledge to the test in Classic Album Sunday's Pop Quiz! (Click here to read more), *Survey conducted by Sole Bliss with 525 female respondents. Holidays and Observances in United Kingdom in 2019. There are lots of ways for to celebrate National Album Day, from hosting album listening parties, going record shopping with friends, attending live album playbacks or just rejoicing in your record collection and telling us all about the albums you cherish and love. Check 2019 UK Public and Bank Holidays. Overview of holidays and many observances in United Kingdom during the year 2020 That means Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has won 365 seats, giving his party a majority of 80 (the largest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher's 1987 win). Play along with friends and family on 9th Oct at 8pm to see who's got the biggest 80's music brain! Not everyone in Britain will take part in all of these events. A roundup of all BBC activity for National Album Day. The final seat to declare in the election has gone to the Conservative Party, with Derek Thomas winning in St. Ives. TV's Dr Dawn Harper discusses National Bunion Day, Lisa Kay tells us about Sole Bliss Shoes for Bunions, Podiatric Surgeon Suzy Speirs Answers your Bunion Surgery Questions, An Interview with Jill Ferrari, Expert Children's Podiatrist and Senior Lecturer, Sole Bliss, Stylish Shoes for Ladies with Bunions, only undergraduate podiatry degree course in London. Titles released/reissued to coincide with NAD dominate last week’s Official Vinyl Chart! Get in touch today! “I’m so sorry I couldn’t get them elected,” Swinson said. Reissue of a-ha's 'East of the Sun West of the Moon' available on purple LP. Join us and use your voice to make a difference - Let’s remove the stigma! The Eighties is our theme for 2020, exploring the long voted the UK’s favourite music decade that has inspired future generations It's hard to believe the era began 40 years ago! But I don’t regret trying,” she told supporters Friday. Join the CELEBRATION NATION by finding out what we are celebrating tomorrow, notices on freebies and special deals for National Days from businesses around the country as well as awesome contests! It might also be because Johnson is pulling away from that wing of his party. Overview. The front pages of the UK's national newspapers reflects their political leanings. National Advisor for Public Health England, RCGP Clinical Champion and Clinical Association for Southward CCG. “As bodies of work, albums allow us to tell stories, express deep emotions, and take people on imaginary journeys over the course of a number of individual songs that are connected to each other. Further information will be available soon. And he spoke of strengthening the union between the four nations of the UK. So, when the Prime Minister turned on his heels after wishing the nation a Merry Christmas, he will have done so knowing that millions of people will have no such thing as a direct result of his victory. And while it's unlikely we will see any rebellion this soon after an election, Johnson will be aware that until very recently, he was a man suffering loss after loss in parliament and hanging onto his leadership. Swinson described the election as “dark -- in more ways than one,” saying that racism had now become mainstream in British politics. Stock is limited so order now to guarantee holiday gift giving. Many believed that hugging the hardline Brexiteers close -- even giving them jobs -- was more about party management than anything else. For more than a decade, schools, religious institutions and businesses have used our resources to inspire healthy life/tech balance. Guard Troops To Five Major Cities In … Not limited to chillout or relaxation genres – simply letting your favourite albums be the antidote to the fast-paced and hectic lifestyle of the modern world! Emphasizing that this was the "people's government," Boris Johnson also spoke to those who did not vote for his party.


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