types of feelings
If this article resonated with you make sure you check out my online courses. Disgust: scorn, contempt, distaste, disdain, revulsion, and aversion. Copyright © 2020 Ewan Townhead. Best Mindfulness Books to Learn Mindfulness, Quick Tips On How You Can Become An Alpha Male, Your email address will not be published. We people strive most for happiness. I didn’t want him to explore it necessarily. They come and go. Whenever you are caught in a danger, a sense of fear kicks in and you either fight or become more attentive. It’s your decision whom you choose for the rest of your life. Become aware of when you’re shutting yourself off from feeling your uncomfortable emotions. But if we go close to these words, the clarity is not the same as what we think. You can feel emotions through emotional experiences in your life. Thanks for being here and for adding your perspective. It’s not an emotion either. Then you become over emotional. It’s not flowing. Psychologists have also tried to understand kinds of emotions, therefore in 1970, a psychologist Paul Eckma observed 6 types of basic emotions that are experienced by humans and they are happiness, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise, and fear. It’s a relational feeling. Your feelings are far and wide… vast and deep… extremely complex. But what I’ve had to learn is that the momentary “I don’t feel like it” always contradicts and obscures a deeper feeling. I’m trying to trust my experience, listen to my feelings, and yet they seem to contradict one another. It’s undeniable. It’s one of the things that separates us from reptiles, birds, insects and other creatures. Read each description of the different types of feelings and how they may feel inside the body. Sad is a heavy, slow and dark feeling.It has a lot of energy to it because it grips you but it’s a heavy energy. Feelings and emotions, whether they are good or bad, have a tremendous amount of life force and energy in them. And it’s very prevalent in our society. I said that to a new client recently. I hope you like this article and have shared it with your friends and family. And perhaps the original meaning of the word. Shares. There are many types of feelings and emotions. They come from how you perceive things. Because I’ve learned to recognize that I’m just feeling afraid. Glad or happy is something we all want to feel more of.It’s a light, open and flowing feeling in the body. How to Massage Your Breasts and the Benefits. Your wisdom is important too. For most of us, it seems too scary to feel our uncomfortable feelings, so we stay stuck in our heads, convincing ourselves how horrible a certain situation is, even making it worse than it is. In the courses, you’ll learn how to access the healing power of your feminine side. Your emotions are complex and there are many different types of emotions. I just had a feeling that exploring his relationship to money was going to unlock a lot of the things he was struggling with.


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