st ides beer 40 oz

It's probably pretty obvious that I love this shit. The flavor of it aint too bad. So this score is tricky because of the memories and the fact that it was my first. I drank St. Ides for the first 2 years of my drinking life then at 15 after getting shit from my boys that Olde English tasted 100xs better I gave in. In Canada, St. Ides has been produced in both  7% and 8% ABV varieties. The best HG. I'm not one of them because I have many, many more brands to try.

This sh*t f*cked me up like an accident last night!

OK, that was gay.

Not the best, but a must try for 40 lovers. I vividly remember being made fun of for the face's I would make with the last warm ass 3 swigs as I tried to take it like a man and get the whole 40 down. The taste seemed much more bitter and stronger than Colt 45 and Old English 800. I got them out totaly frozen and leaking frozen ides out of the what to do??? Love the label.

Some, or most, will argue that OE 800 is the king.

Anyone who stands by a review they wrote years ago either isn't putting any effort into this, or only drinks a few brands. Theres a slight aftertaste, but nothing to cringe about.

Purpose built for the latest iPhone 12 with minimalistic design and maximum protection, it ensures you can use your iPhone for anything–without worrying about protection. When it comes to taste, however, well, your palate probably still remembers taping a pair to your palms and making a night of it in college. Something went wrong. But what if the 40—in all its affordable glory—doesn’t taste, you know, all that bad? View cart for details. I think it is GREAT, and the other two agree. The last time I ever drank Ides was in 1995 at my house after a party I put 2 40s in the freeze at night then passed out. St Ides is the bomb. usually not a big fan of st. ide's because of the horrible, disgusting taste. I drank this boy down pretty quick though. 8.2% ABV:  My last review for St. Ides was written over 4 years ago. It be smokin'. this is one of the first malts that really fucked me up back in the day before it was a hg malt.It alway gave me a better buzz than colt,mickeys,or old english.I put a 22oz of this shit in my freezer for about an hour and it did not freeze at all(i kept it in my ice tray).When i took it out i decided to take the temp. once again, i cant judge any swills, being that theres a minifridges beside me, and i throw it in between drinks.
i only get it if i wanna get a sick buzz really fast (and there's no camo silver ice available, which is always because my town has almost no malt whatsoever; one out of the five bars has takeout, they only have st ides, oe, colt, and mickey's, AND every forty -- even beer forties -- are 3.50. god bless pennsylvania and her shitty liquor laws). Yeah, I know it's heresy. That's about the best description I can give of it. A word of free advice..for the love of god dont ever do this!!! ... ( St Ides Malt Liquor ) Tree Decoration Beer 40 oz. I didn't realize what I was getting into at first until it was too late. My wife, Whoremonger Bob and I just drank this stuff tonight. Fuck a st. ides, OE rocks it eternally. Probably my favorite as far as HG's go. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

The buzz is good, im a rookie and its 8% so thats expected. It has a more subdued "rocket fuel" taste compared to others such as Steel Reserve and Evil Eye. This gets respect from me off the bat cause its HG.

This stuff is not for beginners, even 40oz fiends may complain of its harshness, but I say "At least its better than straight $5 vodka."

I cracked the cap, and started drinking it, ice cold might i add, and it has a nice taste, very refreshing compared to the last 40 i drank (CBL Supreme) It is very smooth for its alcohol content (8%) and has an almost sweet malt flavour. What if there’s a brand or two that are surprisingly good, or at least decent?
As long as you compare Ides to something more poisonous, it becomes a simply enchanting mistress. I usually swill this as a change of pace from steel. $6.29. Whether it’s calls, messages, research, emails or flashlight duty, it’s essential–but it can’t protect itself.

For its high alcohol content, it has a decent, subtly sweet corn flavor.

It left ample lacing on the sidewalk as I poured it out for my homey C-dogg, RIP, yous home now! The next morning my dad yelled who the fuck put these in here??? Good buzz, if you can "fuck wit' it."


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