san failure
(Or have the same reaction I have.. I started tipsy, got tired and ended up hung over later in the day. No one is likely to die if one of the “big” IT disasters strikes your environment. Many applications today aren’t just executables or web sites. Either way, the process of backing up your SAN configuration should be standardized across your fabric. Lessons from a SAN Failure At 1:10AM Sunday morning the main SAN at one of my clients suffered a “partial” failure. The problem is in the design pattern that they've proposed, statistics comes along and gives you a kick in the balls because every workload is dependent on at least 2 components not failing. Composable storage startup Fungible chases hyperscalers, TrueNAS Scale arrays place open source HCI into spotlight. Copyright 2000 - 2020, TechTarget You already know what I mean because you heard yourself and your colleagues in just those couple quick examples, right? This helped identify problems with linked servers. ), jobs, service broker, DTC (especially DTC), database triggers and any objects in the master database are all things you need backed up. We got there.. Many…, Peter Larsson recently scrubbed his laptop but didn’t bring over his…. Privacy Policy This caught us at an interesting time. They are a combination of those plus network infrastructure, reports, network ports, IP addresses, DTS and SSIS packages, batch systems and many other things. But – Hindsight is also terribly expensive. The next time you hear, “But.. It’s on the SAN – that is fully redundant and you are fine, stop worrying..” – try and contain your laughter…. All you have to do is get cynical, look for faults and imagine what could possibly go wrong. Well, prevent a SAN failure from ruining your week anyway. SQL Server In Place Upgrades: Too Expensive. I enjoy talking about lessons for IT professionals from other industries. Now, you must ensure this application isn't exposed to any lengthy outages due to an error in the SAN configuration - failure will be high profile. Phrases like “Oh.. well it’s on the SAN with all of those redundancies built in.. Need Help? Nevertheless, it's important that we keep corporate America focused on the recovery efforts that took place immediately following 9/11. The FFIEC handbook on business continuity has been updated by the organization to place greater emphasis on planning, with more ... A regional coalition of hospitals, nursing facilities and other major healthcare centers uses one platform for key emergency ... 'Artificial intelligence' might seem like a buzzword, but it can provide valuable services. This is actually incredibly easy. However, if you have made changes to the out-of-the-box switch configuration, backing up your SAN configuration is imperative. All those values are a subset of the variables intuitively referred to as fabric.ops. I could go on, but I won’t. Overall the thing that gave me the most problem was linked servers. We’d done a decent job on this and didn’t find significant problems here. Submit your e-mail address below. One of the concepts I blog and speak about often is airline disasters. I would encourage everyone to really think through the process of implementing your DR plan and document as much as possible. It’s like this: Murphy (at least the classic idea of the Murphy with his own law) would have made a great DBA. However, you must be aware of the vulnerability of the Expect script's command file with regards to passwords and SAN security. SANs may also span multiple sites. The end of the series and this long post. I used an approach based on KB246133 that worked well. So the chance of a failure is so incredibly low..” or “It’s really hard to do a proper DR test, we need to stop operations, take resources away from the death marches we’ve assigned them to and risk breaking stuff.. In order for a linked server to function properly you need to be pointed to the right server, have the proper login information, have the network routes available and have MSDTC configured properly. The procedure is so simple, and so necessary there's really no reason why this procedure shouldn't be implemented and documented by your SAN vendor as part of their professional service engagement. Note to self: Try not to go out drinking right before the SAN fails. Top 5 Ways To Leverage Converged Infrastructure To Manage On-Premises and Cloud... Empower Your Business with Continuous Innovation, Merge Old and New IT with Converged Infrastructure, SAN switching: How to configure a SAN switch. I’m not sure how SANs know to fail at 1AM on a Saturday night but they seem to. If the failed switch is part of a larger fabric, simply connecting the new, out-of-the-box switch to the existing fabric will only update the zoning information in the new switch's configuration, assuming the fabric.ops variables haven't been changed from their default values. To be able to reestablish that order in a recovered environment, you must have some notion of how your storage devices have been provisioned across the fabric. We have a very secure project which has its own handful of servers and a compellent SAN. One of the biggest challenges is keeping your DR resources up to date. The benefit was that we had much better documentation of everything on the server. A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a specialized, high-speed network that provides block-level network access to storage. Failed means that SQL Server wouldn’t start and the MDF and LDF files mostly showed a zero file size. To me this is one of the biggest takeaways from this entire period of restoring and helping a client get everything up and running: Get some foresight, put on your Carnac hat and predict failures.. No this isn’t superstition, jinxing, cursing or anything like that.. It’s just that you’ve allowed for the possibility to fester by ignoring it and not preparing for it. SAN management software may integrate with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). I  should have only done this one thing differently!!!! Massive San failure and disruption of an entire multimillion dollar project. This whole series highlights that for me. But it was a long, long Sunday. However, for larger, dynamic fabrics that are continually scaling, being able to clone a new switch with an enterprise-wide switch profile will not only save you time on the initial deployment, it's also helpful during troubleshooting exercises to know that your enterprise-wide SAN configuration is being managed and is the same throughout the fabric. Additionally, you can execute an Expect script at designated times via a scheduler (such as cron) to perform the task of backing up your SAN configuration. Learn how your comment data is processed. Everything was running well before Monday morning. When executing either of the above commands, you can supply the IP address of the FTP server, the name of the configuration file and the username and password on the command line. Wish me luck! Perhaps you have a pool of apps that are so incredibly critical that you are to protect them at all costs (Like the system that pays your consultants), and maybe you have one that no one will miss if it goes away for a week (your time sheet system, perhaps). Because you can never fully prevent a failure 100% – even in a SAN, even when your SAN vendor says it’ll never happen (hint: anytime a vendor tells you never – be afraid..


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