resistance biology similar term

Alkalophile: Organisms that have an affinity for alkaline media, thus, growing best in such conditions. Biological Psychology. Remiges: Flight feather of a bird used to control direction during flying. The psychiatric diagnosis post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was coined in the mid-1970s, in part through the efforts of anti-Vietnam War activists and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and Chaim F. Shatan. The adrenergic substances released by the sympathetic nervous system can also bind to and influence various immunological cells, further providing a connection between the systems. Northern Blot: Hybridization of single stranded DNA or RNA to RNA fragments.

Frugivorous: Fruit-eating living being. It can be acquired by individuals by the transfer of cells.

Inducible Enzyme: An enzyme generated in response to an external factor. Antiseptic: A substance that inhibits the growth and development of micro-organisms, but does not necessarily kill them. Virion: The virus particle and the virus nucleic acid surrounded by a protein coat. ), with 'crises' in insect control occurring early-on after the introduction of pesticide use in the 20th century. This group includes nematodes, oligochaete worms, smaller insect larvae, and certain anthropods. Prenatal Exposure to Maternal Depression and Cortisol Influences Infant Temperament. Diapause: A period of inactive hormonal development as a response to unfavorable environmental conditions. As of 2011[update] neuroscientists such as Bruce McEwen and Jaap Koolhaas believe that stress, based on years of empirical research, "should be restricted to conditions where an environmental demand exceeds the natural regulatory capacity of an organism".[23]. [2] In humans and most mammals, the autonomic nervous system and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis are the two major systems that respond to stress. Carbon Fixation: Conversion of carbon-dioxide and other single carbon compounds to organic compounds such as carbohydrates. Once the replication is completed, two cell divisions separate the replicated chromosomes into four haploid gametes or spores. It is an anaerobic reaction. Reannealing: The process seen on cooling, where two complementary strands of DNA hybridize back into a single strand. Antonyms for Resistance (biology). Cilia: Minute hairlike extensions present on a cell surface, which move in a rhythmic manner. Wing-Bar: A line of color, usually contrasting across the middle, tip, or base of a bird’s wing, which has been made by the wing coverts. Insect Resistance Management. He argued that cognitive processes of appraisal are central in determining whether a situation is potentially threatening, constitutes a harm/loss or a challenge, or is benign. Anastomosis: A network of intersecting or connecting blood vessels, nerves, or leaf veins that form a plexus. Synonyms for Resistance (biology) in Free Thesaurus.


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