nashville squares cast
Gunnar and Scarlett, for a short time, reconnect during season four. She eventually finds out that she is pregnant but is not sure who the father is. However, her hard exterior shields a world of pain that she rarely lets people see. He once dated Will. He starts a relationship with talent show runner-up Layla Grant, which is merely a publicity stunt, but in spite of Gunnar's attempts to get him to confess his true sexuality to her he proposes to her instead, and they marry. He and Maddie date. After this she falls into postpartum depression and neglects her family until she inadvertently causes Jeff's death. Ben Taylor as Flynn Burnett (seasons 5–6; 9 episodes), a love interest for Daphne. A flashback in the series finale shows Rayna promising Deacon that they are meant for each other no matter what forever and ever and will chose each other forever. Gunnar turns him down, but after Gunnar's original shock they remain close friends and he remains someone who Will can confide in, and who he can act himself around. And while things didn't exactly work out for the two stars in the romance department — Deacon's inner turmoil runs deep — the pair has successfully carried on a loyal, professional partnership. Bob Saget Host. Nic Luken as Jonah Ford (season 6), a famous male pop star who is very handsome, extremely confident, and charming. She breaks up with him in season four when she realizes she has feelings for Gunnar lingering. He later is set up for blackmail with a beautiful paramour, and eventually is arrested for his involvement with some of Lamar's shady dealings in the past at the end of season three, and sentenced to prison, where he is eventually visited by his former wife and their children. Before being returned to custody, he stops by to express appreciation to Deacon for the job that he is doing raising their shared daughters. Juliette Barnes. Upon returning home, she attempts to take down the movement and announces that she is leaving the music business and retiring from the public eye and moves to a farm to raise Cadence, but promises Avery she's not running away. She joins his "movement", which is later revealed to be a mind-controlling cult. After she recovers enough to leave the hospital, Rayna agrees to release her from her contract. Early in her career she dated songwriter, guitar player and her longtime intermittent musical collaborator Deacon Claybourne, who is an alcoholic. Britton was only credited in the main cast for episodes 5x01 to 5x11. In season five, when he gets an offer to go out on tour he turns it down due to Juliette needing his help as she continues to recover. After Zoey breaks up with Gunnar since she thinks he still has feelings for Scarlett, the latter takes her place in the band she formed with Gunnar and Avery and their name is changed to the Triple X's, apt due to her past relationship with each of them. In season three, with his job on the line, Jeff went to Teddy Conrad saying that he had to sign Maddie with Edgehill or Jeff would reveal that Teddy had used taxpayer money for sex, since the young woman Teddy had been involved with was in fact a high-end prostitute. Mia Maestro as Rosa (season 6), a dedicated follower of Darius’ cult who now is having doubts about her role in it. In season five, their relationship is tested once more by the arrival of music video director Damien George, hired to make a video for their new single. After this she goes to treatment and is then there for her family for a time. Juliette is initially played as a demanding, arrogant diva, but there is another side to her, the main reason why she was the main protagonist/antagonist in the series. Deacon eventually goes on his own tour and makes amends with his alcoholic father, who has recently appeared in Nashville after having been out of Deacon's life for decades and who has been efforts to remain sober. However, she keeps the offer a secret from Gunnar, until their new upstairs neighbor, Will Lexington, hands them some mail that he says was misdirected. He becomes Will's advocate in season four, telling country fans it is long past time for many of them to overcome their anti-gay prejudices in a series of high-profile media appearances. She gets him to play with her on guitar. She is a girl who has fought for everything she has and was prepared to do anything to get to the top. Lamar plans an assassination attempt against Teddy, whom he feels has betrayed him. He asks her to marry him in the season two finale. She becomes obsessed with self-improvement and especially the work of a bestselling self-help author, Darius. He also takes over co-ownership of Highway 65 following his wife's death, wondering how much of the label's resources he owes to her career retrospective project in order to be true to her memory. He also calls Rayna Jaymes to give her a listen. He and Jessie have a son together. With Bob Saget. Her style is neither precisely country or rock, and she soon leaves the group after having bedded both him and Avery, to further her solo career. Nashville Squares TV Series Cast Members | CMT. She quickly rose to become Edgehill Republic Records biggest star, a pop-country sensation, with legions of young teenage fans and sellout tours. Weeks after returning home from jail, he has a heart attack while alone with Teddy discussing their situation. A number of country musicians and celebrities also appear as themselves, including Brad Paisley, Katie Couric, Kelly Clarkson, Conan O'Brien, Luke Bryan, and Michelle Obama.[1]. Tandy worked at his side and is the heir apparent to Lamar's fortune and business empire. Juliette is unsure about where their relationship is at that particular time. He has had a brief fling with Rayna's onetime labelmate and nemesis, Juliette. He has an on-and-off again relationship with Scarlett for most of the rest of the series. In Season 2, Coleman leaves Nashville, deciding to enjoy his life with his family away from the pressures of politics. His relationship with Rayna continues deteriorating during his time as mayor, and they eventually divorce and he moves out. The series stars Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes, a legendary country music superstar whose stardom has begun to fade, and Hayden Panettiere as a rising younger star, Juliette Barnes. A flashforward in the series finale reveals that he, Avery, and Will had a successful band. Fordham was fired by Edgehill's Board of Directors after Rayna revealed his wrongdoings at a corporate meeting, mostly concerning the near death of Layla Grant, at a local party. Jeff's accomplishments include bringing country phenom Luke Wheeler over to Edgehill and signing up-and-coming artists Layla Grant and Will Lexington. She loves country music, but her father never approved her involvement with it and kicked her out of the house at 16. Jake Etheridge as Sean (season 6), a recent military veteran suffering from severe PTSD who has yet to embrace his talent and passion for music. Gunnar and Alannah have a fling. The trio are renamed "The Triple Exes". ‘Nashville Squares’ is a reboot of the classic television game show ‘Hollywood Squares’. He decided to help Layla Grant re-establish herself as a mature artist and she asked him to become her manager. Rayna tells him to break off the relationship when she catches them kissing and Liam departs for Tokyo, leaving Scarlett devastated. Following the birth of his daughter with Juliette, Avery departs the band and Gunnar and Scarlett continue on as a duo. However, here, the focus is on the Music City. Rayna Jaymes is a nine-time Grammy Award–winner and fifteen-time CMA Award–nominee, the daughter of the late Virginia Wyatt and her husband, corrupt, politically connected Nashville businessman Lamar Wyatt. Once Teddy is out of the picture he is at first ambivalent about trying to resume their personal relationship, but is very uncomfortable with Rayna's involvement with major country star Luke Wheeler, especially when this leads to Wheeler and Rayna's getting engaged. Judith Hoag as Tandy Hampton (season 1–3), Rayna's sister, the daughter and protégé of … However, they reunite, and put their wedding rings back on, but do not discuss their issues they had the past two seasons. The show airs on CMT, the leading cable channel that airs programming related to country music and lifestyle, […] After several false starts and a serious relationship with another major figure in the Nashville country music scene, and a long solo drive across the entire country in an old convertible, she marries Deacon in season four. A flashforward reveals that their band, without Alannah, is a success. After the split Luke begins to focus more on his music and creates his own label, Wheelin' Dealin' Records, signing Will and Juliette. However, these accomplishments pale in comparison to losing the company's two top-grossing artists. Scarlett eventually has a breakdown on stage and is hospitalized with severe depression. Derek Krantz as Brent McKinney (seasons 1 & 2; 12 episodes), Brent is an openly gay former marketing and public relations employee for Edgehill. Scoggins recurred from 5x01 through 5x13 before being credited in the main cast from 5x14. A flashforward at the end of the series reveals Scarlett became an engaged to another man and it is unknown where her career went. This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 03:33. Played by Hayden Panettiere. Jordan Woods-Robinson as Randall St. Claire (season 5), Rayna's intern who is obsessed with her. Luke Wheeler is one of the biggest long-running male country music artists in Nashville, and a love interest for Rayna. While filming a reality TV show they become the subjects of, Love & Country, Will confesses that he is gay to Layla while the cameras are rolling, having been hidden in their private bedroom which was supposed to have been off-limits to the show. They eventually start to date, but Zach may have ulterior motives. He moves on when he meets Zach, a powerful West Coast internet multi-millionaire. A remake of the classic game show Hollywood Squares with a modern country spin. He is exceptionally hard on Scarlett, which he says is to stretch her out of her comfort zone and get her best work out of her. J. Karen Thomas as Audrey Carlisle, Coleman's wife (season 1; 4 episodes). The couple had two daughters, Maddie and Daphne. With this woman's help she breaks out of the cult, despite their having confiscated her passport. Deacon Claybourne was a loyal companion to Rayna Jaymes — both onstage and off. But, in the sixth episode of the fourth season, he saw Juliette stumbling around on the roof outside, and saw that she was trying to commit suicide, and he died saving her life. When the character is introduced she was dating Avery Barkley. Juliette realizes this will eventually be her own fate as well if she remains in Bolivia and gives birth there. She soon becomes brainwashed by Darius' cult and begins neglecting her family to do the movement's work (and quits music). Scarlett realizes she may have romantic feelings for him and breaks up with Gunnar again.


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