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“The growing number of goats has been a major reason behind this but there is also the general problem of too many livestock and the added impact of climate warming.” +++, “The UN Development Fund last year began a four-year project to combat desertification and improve land management, but Mongolian officials remain anxious. [Source: Nick Kirkpatrick, Washington Post, February 18, 2015], Clyde E. Goulden wrote in the New York Times: “From 2002 to 2006, we began to recognize how much the climate of this region was changing. “This country is in deep trouble” says Sukhgerel Dugersuren, executive director of NGO Oyu Tolgoi Watch, expressing her concerns. With the setting up of the reserve, there are additional opportunities to develop ecotourism in the area to benefit the local people. Mongolia is also particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. They have warned that as much as 96 per cent of the country could become desert if more is not done to stem the seemingly inexorable advance of the sands. Now look here," he said. Batmunkh is a 75-year-old activist born in the Dornogovi province, and he has successfully protected 19 places under the "Locally Special Protected Areas.". It’s launched and supported a number of policy changes for transparency and decentralization, a challenge with which the former Soviet country is still grappling. According to USAID: “Ironically, at present the government of Mongolia highly subsidizes a sector that has significant negative externalities.

Mining exploration and exploitation is increasing rapidly in these steppes, restricting the amount of land available for herders and affecting water supplies. Some localised acid rain is produced by the same sources. Another important community player is Surenkhuu.L, a 59-year-old herder woman who lives in Tost Mountain, Gurvantes Soum, in the South Gobi Province of Mongolia. Mongolia’s semi-arid South Gobi region is dotted with large-scale mining projects, proof of a veritable gold rush. “They go down till their legs get weak. Ariunmunkh Munkhjargal, Arushi Sharma, Avimukt Verma, Sarah Whatnall and Undarmaa Ulziibat are part of a team of Young Environmentalist Journalists*. In the country’s capital, urbanization is moving at a rapid pace. "We don't have enough staff to protect their core wildlands from heavy livestock grazing, poaching, forest fires, and illegal woodcutting," explained Mantai Khavalkhan, the superintendent of four reserves in Mongolia's Altay region. Mining exploration and exploitation is increasing rapidly in these steppes, restricting the amount of land available for herders and affecting water supplies. Twitter - Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. The Mongolian economy has been dependent on the mining sector for many decades. Currently, 70 percent of Mongolian land is affected by desertification."

| Mobile version, "Treasures of the Earth: Need, Greed and a Sustainable Future".

Mongolia's mining boom raises environment concerns With an abundance of minerals and one of the world's fastest growing economies, Mongolia is a hotspot for mining companies. The Oyu Tolgoi mine is expected to produce 30 percent of Mongolia’s GDP by the time it reaches full production in 2021, according to the International Monetary Fund. The large number of livestock animals has resulted in overgrazing and depletion of scarce water sources. However, alternatives to economic dependency on mining are plausible and plentiful. While mining companies claim to use separate, deep-underground saline water called ‘fossil water’, in reality many do not. However, different stakeholders are coming together to work towards restoration and rehabilitation. km where the snow leopards reside in the protected areas and national parks. You have all your future plans…then all of a sudden you lose it all. These stories are proof that the mining sector needs to take into consideration various social, environmental and humanitarian concerns. In 2015, with support from STRIPE’s Mongolian partners, local civil society organizations used WRI’s toolkit to support residents across Erdenetsagaan and three other communities affected by mining to advocate for strengthening and enforcing pollution laws. [Source: USAID, May 2005 ], Reporting edly from Tob Province, Kit Gillet of CNN wrote: “Forty-year-old Bayanmunkh has learnt the hard way about overgrazing. According to the World Bank, there are between 3,900 and 6,400 snow leopards left in the wilds of twelve countries today. Voracious eaters, goats often destroy the grass by nibbling at the roots.


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