merrimack traveler canoe

Want notifications of new products, upcoming sales, limited releases and more? Hand strung with nylon webbing using a unique weaving pattern these seats are durable, versatile and hands down some of the most comfortable seating options we’ve come across. It paddles better than almost any other canoe I've been in. The largest canoe in our lineup, the Traveler is designed to take you as far as you need to go, whether it’s a picnic on a sandbar with the family or a multi-week expedition. The stunning Scout livery, requiring many hours of dedicated time in the build process, is available on all Merrimack Canoe models from the perfect-for-fishing 13' Osprey, up through the month-long-expedition capable 17' Traveler. Life's too short to ride in a canoe made of recycled drink cups from the stadium. It handles beautifully and glides through the water with ease. The Tennessean performs exactly as represented: an ideal cruiser for rivers and small bays of the Florida panhandle, even with some wind from the Gulf. A bit on the delicate side though, so treat it well and don't take any hits with it - those ribs are thin.

So if you’re a canoeist looking for some versatility and style we highly recommend the Traveler from Merrimack Canoe Company based in Winona, MN. Weighing in at approximately 57 lbs it makes for a very reasonable option when portaging long distances and use on backcountry routes. This canoe glides effortlessy with a minimum amount of effort on the paddler's part and with good speed, due most likely to the shallow arc hull. It handles equally well solo or tandem and is an excellent choice for the discriminating paddler.

It is a symmetrical 17 foot canoe which will be used for tandem tripping the majority of the time, with maybe the occasional solo trip (sitting in bow seat). Great load capacity and very stable. Specs: Priced at $ 3,450.00Carbon-Fiber, Kevlar + Wood Construction Length 17 ft | Approx.

When we lifted the canoe after the down pour we didn't see our dog. Whether fishing, running non-technical rivers, or just paddling around, the Tennessean is a canoe every paddler should consider.

It's beautiful tho. Take it out on a beautiful morning or at dusk. The River That Flows Both Ways: Short Film Paddling the Hudson River, Patagonia Film: It’s All Home Water | A Northern Light. Hopefully you will come away as pleased as I am. In my case, we're probably going to take a few days off and visit the Smoky Mountains, then grab it on the way home, as they are just west of the Smoky's. Easy to carry and tucks away in the garage. Now just imagine bringing that joy (and view) into the backcountry wilderness, a beautiful boat with a wonderfully natural aesthetic placed in an environment it’s truly meant for. Despite my novice status, at no time do I feel unsafe paddling alone, and my cameras have remained dry. That said, we found the Traveler to be a fair competitor against the ultralight alternatives — our 1 mile portage was no problem with this canoe. More than that, a Merrimack Canoe is as unique as its paddler.

You will scratch it and ding it, then you will need to spend time sanding and refinishing it. I did not want to lose my camera equipment so a stable platform was needed. This canoe is in excellent shape and is a gorgeous boat. A sweet 'boulevard' canoe with eye-appeal. Shop About Journal. Everything just feels right. 507-474-7525.

I spent a lot of time in Canadian wood/canvas canoes and was reluctant to get into modern materials, but this is a perfect blend of old and new.

It truly does live up to its hype. As a bonus, I get a lot of "wows" from other canoeists when they see the detail and workmanship. It really is a beautiful union of modern technologies and traditional aesthetic, combining carbon fiber and kevlar hulls with the classic wooden ribs and trim. Hopefully you will come away as pleased as I am. I was initially looking at the Osprey designed by his grandfather, but eventually decided on the Tennessean.

Read reviews for the Traveler by Merrimack Canoe Company as submitted by your fellow paddlers. This product is made-to-order with a lead time of ~13 weeks. A compromise between ease of paddle and stability. This is the canoe built for someone who wants something truly special and unique, not found anywhere else. I would wonder how well the wooden ribs would hold up. A lot of comments and admirers of the canoe before during and after the 8 mile paddle. It will never look the same, but each scratch and ding will contain a story of another journey. Created with Sketch. I was expecting a factory., What I saw was a very small group of guys who are the stewards of an art passed down from generations past and who care very much about what they make and how satisfied their customers are.

Let’s Go North! We could not be happier.

Is a Double Blade Paddle Good in a Canoe? Any initial feeling of "wigglies" soon sudsides after a few minutes on the water. I'm completely satisfied with my new Tennessean. Paddle 17' solo most of the time.

Click, Merrimack + Sanborn - Dalles Des Morts Canoe. It has just enough rocker at the ends to keep it manueverable, but is still able to track very well. They don't really have a factory per se, it's more of a shop from what I understand.

I made contact with Randy at Merrimack canoes and was invited to meet him at his workshop.

I am now 63 years old so light weight was essential in order to get it on the roof of my vehicle. Merrimack Traveler Canoe Cherry - $2,500 (Lima) Merrimack Traveler canoe 17 feet Cherry STays rivets inside. We make statements. Jim at Merrimack was as accommodating and informative as could be, and then some. Just like its name implies, the Traveler is a canoe designed especially for traveling. When we got it on the water for the first time, we could not believe how well it handled. Highly Recommended! Merrimack Canoes are made for you. With the wood ribs & trim, it has the classic look of a wood and canvas canoe. The seats are ash framed, with nylon lace webbing, generously sized, and very comfortable. Although this a a 17' canoe you would never know it by the way it handles,and feels on the water. This occurred over many emails and phone conversations. I SWEAR the exact same thing has happened to me every time I've had it out: "What kind of canoe is that?"

"How can something this wonderful be built using these materials"? Just like its name implies, the Traveler is a canoe designed especially for traveling.Whether a … Smooth paddling solo or tandem. It catches the eye and just forces the thought “now that’s a good looking canoe”. I am seriously contemplating ordering a Merrimack Traveler, and I was hoping any of you folks who might be familiar with this canoe could offer some opinions about it as a Quetico tripper. He showed us the production progress, from the beginning to the end. Click on any standard Merrimack model below to give it a try! The Traveler, Merrimack Canoe Co. July 26, 2019. Want notifications of new products, upcoming sales, limited releases and more? As you look out over the bow a smile of satisfaction is sure to grace your face. Whether a multi-day trip on a non-technical river or two weeks in the lake country, the Traveler shines. Numerous upgrades are available to tailor your canoe to your personal preferences, from customizable colors, trim options, floor prints, and even laser-engraved deck plates. Merrimack pioneered blending beautiful wood with durable composites in 1954 and we are still the best today, crafting one custom boat at a time for paddlers as unique as the canoes they design. You see at Merrimack Canoe Company they utilize a blend of lightweight functionality with the look and feel of a more traditional construction style. Read and submit reviews for the Tennessean. We would spend the last night on Fourtown and return to Mudro the following day. A Merrimack canoe is more than just a tool to spend time on the water; it's a handcrafted work of art, tailor-made to the individual holding the paddle. In total completing an approximate 40 mile loop through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Weight 57 lbs | Capacity 850 lbsRocker 1" | Beam 35" | Depth 12.5" | Bow Height 22.5". Created with Sketch. I had the pleasure of buying a used Tennessean directly from Merrimack, and in the process met Jim the owner, Randy Pew who designed my canoe, and Scott who actually built it. "How much did THAT cost?". I also paddle this canoe quite easily from the stern postion, while my wife sits back and relaxes without paddling! I expect to put many happy nautical miles on this heirloom quality vessel. I purchased my 17' Merrimack Traveler used five years ago. First let me tell you that my purchase of this boat was one of the best buying experiences I have ever had. Laser-Engraved Deck Plates (Front and Rear), Transport Kit (Roof Straps, Foam Blocks, and Tie-down Straps +$50).


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