marshall studio series

As the first Marshall amp to feature a master volume control, the JCM800 allowed players to dial in the perfect rock overdrive tone at lower volumes (although, being rated at 100 watts, this 'lower' volume level was still loud!).

The Vintage really looks cool and, like the rest of the line, it’s available as a head and combo (win!) With our cookies we spoil you while shopping on our pages.With cookies we can remember your settings and provide you with better offers. Model-wise, there’s both a head and combo but an added cab range of a 1x12, a straight and angled 4x12 loaded with Celestion G12 speakers and two 2x12 cabs (vertical and horizontal) gives you some space saving options. With the customer reviews of Trusted Shops it is possible to award stars for delivery, condition of the goods and customer service.

ZEN-Core is the technology that unites Roland’s hardware and software, letting you start a session on one platform and move seamlessly to the next. It was the first Marshall to be fitted with a Celestion G12 Vintage 30 speaker. Marshall has announced a new line of compact 20-watt guitar amp combos, heads and matching cabs for Winter NAMM 2019. The is available as a compact combo - the Studio JubileeStudio Jubilee 2525C with 1x12" Celestion G12M-25 speaker. Recording music at home is easier than ever before. Marshall SC20H Studio Classic JCM800 Amp Head, Marshall SC20C Studio Classic JCM800 Combo, SV20C with a 1x10" Celestion V-Type speaker, Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage 1959SLP Combo, Marshall SV20H Studio Vintage 1959SLP Amp Head, How to use the Novation LaunchKey MK3 series, Feel the power of the FORCE with Firmware 3.0.5, Win an Exclusive Recording Experience at Metropolis Studios with HARMAN, Your guide to superior sound with Universal Audio interfaces, How to Succeed as a Musician on Social Media, Supercharge your Sound: Bose Reveal their Most Advanced L1 System Ever.

Inspired by this acclaimed series, the Studio Jubilee recreates its raucous tones of the '80s in a lower power design. Read More | Music Gear News at Gear4music, See More | The Latest Music Products from NAMM 2019. Free shipping For a more convenient implementation of discounts, we occasionally use cookies which guarantee the discount through a so-called affiliate program through the link of origin. The list of high-profile Universal Audio users spans every genre, country and style you can think of. Subscribe to our newsletters and remain informed! We use Google Analytics to monitor and analyse how users interact with our shop and to create analyses of website activity. Available immediately.

with 1x12 and 2x12 cabs available to round out the rig. We've compiled everything the Novation LaunchKey MK3 series can do for you! The Studio Series look great. On stage, at home, or in the studio. The 'Plexi' (as the 1959 SLP is most commonly referred) was borne in the '60s out of a desire to deliver more stage volume. These portable powerhouses recreate the staple sounds of Marshall's favourite 100-watt heads in a new line of studio and gig-friendly packages. Now Bose is back with their most advanced column array series to date - The L1 Pro.

We’re delighted to offer our ongoing support to Jessie’s Fund, a charity that helps children with additional needs through the use of music therapy.

The new Studio Classic SC20H (head) and SC20C (combo) provides the same raucous rock tones as the JCM800, just in a portable package and at a more manageable volume level. Find out more about this cutting-edge tech here.

Yes, there are some great nuances in the aforementioned amps, but typically they match the stereotype .

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Celebrated for its performance and portability, the Bose L1 family has become a favourite amongst musicians on the move. The '68-specification 1959 SLP (with EL34 power valves) became the amp of choice for players needing to be heard at huge gigs with early PA systems; Jimi Hendrix, Cream and The Who being the most prominent exponents of the amp and helping it to become known as the sound of rock. Social media has opened a world of opportunities for musicians. Originally released in 1987 to mark 25 years of Marshall the Silver Jubilee became a favourite with guitar legends such as Slash and John Frusciante for its ferocious tone and split-channel design.

Marshall Studio Classic (5) Item-Nr. 4001 Studio 15, 15W 1x12" combo.

This range is perfect for players who want the authentic sounds of Marshall - vintage or modern - at more manageable volume levels for modern applications.

A single USB microphone and computer is all it takes to capture your podcast or song in pristine quality.

Three solid choices with a range of options and additional cabs.

Each cab is styled to match its corresponding head, ensuring you'll not only get the sounds of these iconic Marshall amps, but also the classic looks. € 869.70 ca. It …

A small version of the Silver Jubilee. Marshall has also created matching cabs for each head, available as a compact 1x12" cab or a (particularly on-trend) vertical format 2x12" cab. The 20-watt output is perfect for modern players who don't need the huge 100-watt power of the original amp. : GIT0046781-000 Marshall SV20H Studio Vintage Head. You have placed the following items into your shopping cart, Marshall SC20H Studio Classic Amplifier Head, Marshall SC212 Studio Classic Speaker Cabinet, Marshall SV212 Studio Vintage Speaker Cabinet, Marshall SV112 Studio Vintage Speaker Cabinet.

Gear4music (Holdings) plc is listed on AIM, part of the London Stock Exchange. The Studio Classic is available as a combo (SC20C with a 10" Celestion V-type speaker) or as a head with two accompanying cab choices; the vertical format 2x12" SC212 or the 1x12" SC112 (both loaded with 12" Celestion V-type speakers).

No personal data is transmitted to Econda in the process. : GIT0046782-000 Marshall SC112 Contemporary Cabinet. For most people, Marshall are associated with louder, bigger gigging amps that can really move some air.

An additional 5-watt power mode lets you drop the volume even more; perfect for jam sessions, smaller gigs, and for the studio. „HERE“. Ordered, Delivery date: Nov 20, …

Beyond The Beat, we'll show you how you can make it online. The range includes the Studio Vintage, which is based on the 1959 SLP.

The JCM800 2203 is arguably one of Marshall's most successful amp designs. Among the Marshall Studio Series is the Studio Classic (a 20W version of the JCM800 2203), the Studio Vintage (a 20W version of the 1959 SLP) and the Studio Jubilee (a new version of the Mini Jubilee).

The Studio Classic is available as a combo - the SV20C with a 1x10" Celestion V-Type speaker - and also as a head - the SV20H with two accompanying cabs (the vertical-format 2x12" SV212 and the 1x12" SV112 - both loaded with 12" Celestion V-type speakers). Fender's Pro II takes the Pro series to the next level. Definitely worth a closer look! The Studio Classic features ECC83 preamp valves feeding EL34 power valves for the iconic JCM800 sound. The Marshall Studio Vintage is a lower-wattage recreation of a historic amplifier with legendary status; the Marshall 1959SLP. We may use the information collected through cookies to compile statistics about ad performance.

Buy wireless headphones, earbuds, portable and smart speakers from our official Marshall online store.

Studio Jubilee. The ability to drop the power and use in the studio with an array of outs really opens up new possibilities that were often not there with louder Marshalls).

Marshall Studio Series. Industry leaders.

By selecting a region, the language as well as the currency of the online shop is changed. The Studio range lets you crank each amp to its perfect sweet spot while maintaining a sensible volume for smaller gigs, studio sessions, and larger gigs supported by a PA system.


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