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An Issue Type is a way issues are classified in a Jira project. ]�o����}��M�؃#�}�rd;�ou��(���9�{�O0+�'�S�N������k���9#��Y�lHJ{gN�|�$DՔ������\�{�vJvТ���m-���h�ty���#�H}G�~�M=��hf� �DeK���;�o�`���W)���c •Percentage of issue types allocated within the current Sprint. I usually created Spike as a story too. It's rather an answer for what the team has been discussed or researched on a particular topic related to the product feature. Also, I can't make my mind up how I should be doing this so I figured I would ask the experts. If tasks works for you, make them tasks, if they need to be a distinct type (for whatever reason -- I'd like to know why though) make it a distinct type. The separate issue type helps quickly and easily identify (through card coloring and issue type icon) spikes that are in the way of stories so that we can get them out of the way as quickly as possible. •Total count of all issue types committed to the current Sprint. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm curious if in reporting a spike should be tracked differently since it doesn't produce a shippable feature or user value. It is more important, in Scrum, to treat the Product Backlog properly and use it for planning and teamwork regardless of how it is represented in Jira. v�^JJʴ��O��9�����'�mD���0��s�h{7[�{�fg�D8�{h��l�[R0�,�>י������ޢ "M�c�GT�28b��c$�E�5��9����3�g�*�8���C2B5�����ߛ�ڣ��?�g���. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I very rarely use spikes and have never thought about it up until now and am wondering what is the best practice. The best practice is the one that works best for the team. save.
%���� The ability for Jira administrators to freely create issue types can sometimes lead to unwanted results. Jira Dashboard –Issue Statistics •Breakdown of issue types committed to the current sprint. G;#��D.t��u胅���8��1�֞v���ڵI�RO G�~b�ԅ�~����d��}��nW���O��EF��sA����>�YTV���������Rb'R�ʹ���[a{)�VD�)[�.쯜��.�p�N���z����P�ܒ_O\ͩ2�̓[�{5�͹���w~��k�O�%�*QG��ݛ6#�'p�2?m�3X�\��G���h�S����k�#�G{_O Gγe����800P�Թ|�տ���TfwfEAYˤy��� �W��xj��?e���#5ZYM�����������G/劅n�=?y����6�tep_��~:�mq+�D�#�����j�Vz���~�l?��k�`1���q���m?��v�;[�/j��q��K��/p���@���Qg�j�'�I�T�#%9E ?�y���訪���y� ��a�AP��+��%���@@.A,�E�A�8� HGI"�� IA$��#�$pA�$� �D�A�8� HGI"�� Iy� �o�a8���Ë]�hoʸ�jж���lo'�K��#_��0쭽��b��`�=��WG0�o�H�t8���=4���������鶟v9�8���-��E���V�H��h�p��H]S�d��`��#����m�6pd�I�g��[,9�����_O\���I/�=��V?5�V�[A�6ܱ� 8�GͶ��K��o?�4���3Oz0�bA�6l�m'�-v���{�}����� yf3����6it���3�Ѷ��K���;q�7 M����n$8�C�P]��ӗ����9���l8�P�W1%F�`I�C�ťgZ���n��s)2��|�V��tMOZV��x_�8z1l�ɰS���w�|�tX�ɰ�/G�~�ġ;���8u������HNU�Myzk~�D��sd���Ѽae �� There are standard types that come with Jira and additional custom types. It's not a big deal, but my backlog is in good shape and we just started a new sprint yesterday so I don't have much else to worry about. 21 <>stream %PDF-1.5

7 comments. With Spike story, the output is not a functionality. �. using the JIRA issue links (for traceability).€ Spikes will be estimated for a specific amount of time and can be added into the boards just like you add stories or tasks. Scrum doesn't specify what kinds of settings you use in tools, so I would say use whatever issue type is best for an ordinary Product Backlog item. This also has a couple different required fields like: timebox duration, linked issues (what value-adding story is this blocking?).

share. A question to all the PO's out there: when creating spikes in Jira (or a similar tools) do you create them as user stories, tasks or do you have a dedicated issue type for spikes? Jira Software comes with five standard issue types so issues can have different fields, different workflows, or both, within the same Jira project. When issue types are misused this will result in standard Jira functionality not working as expected. •Issue types are defects, technical stories, user stories, and spikes. Make the tool work for you, not the other way around. A question to all the PO's out there: when creating spikes in Jira (or a similar tools) do you create them as user stories, tasks or do you have a dedicated issue type for spikes? Suggestion Two Everything is an issue in Jira. 4 0 obj I very rarely use spikes and have never thought about it up until now and am wondering what is the best practice. The purpose is to allow the team to spend time for research on technical or business feasibility regarding a functionality that is going to be implemented in the future. Like a story, task, spike is also an issue, whereas a spike cannot be treated as a story because it is termed as a spike Press J to jump to the feed. Standard Issue Types. Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing product development.

x��{TW�����_������������۽���I&ݳf�v�;��ILl�Y���ܴ�&�՝�Ĉ�EPQ�hĨ4��(E��������-��_���l��Γڰ���]�:uv�����߮:�5 ���T�� Jira is already fitted with a set of default issue types that are normally a good fit for software development.


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