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[201] On 28 March, Rouhani announced that 20% of the country's annual budget would be allocated to fight the virus. [208] Health officials however appealed to the public to avoid travelling during the Eid al-Fitr holiday after Ramadan ended in May. [46], On 23 February, Health Minister Saeed Namaki said that one of those who died was a merchant from Qom who travelled regularly using indirect flights between China and Iran after direct flights were suspended between the two countries, and may have brought the virus from China. インドでは、新型コロナウイルスによる死者の数は合計12万1681人、感染者の数も合計813万7000人に達した。, イランでは、新型コロナウイルスによる死者の数は合計3万4478人、感染者の数は合計60万4952人に達した。, ロシアでは、新型コロナウイルスによる死者の数は合計2万7656人、感染者の数は合計159万9000人に達した。, イラクでは、新型コロナウイルスによる死者の数は合計1万862人、感染者の数は合計47万633人に達した。, フランス南部の都市ニームで、スカーフを被った女性の入店を禁じる告知文をマーケットに掲げた人物について、捜査が開始された。, 世界中で新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19)による死者の数が合計119万3000人を上回った。感染者の数は合計4592万1000人、回復者の数は合計3325万2000人を超えた。, エーゲ海で昨日(10月30日)発生した地震により、ギリシャのシサム島(サモス島)で2人が死亡した。, フランスのジェラルド・ダルマナン外務大臣がエーゲ海とギリシャの島々で発生した地震によりトルコとギリシャに支援のメッセージを公表した。, トルコ・ラジオ・テレビ協会オフィシャルサイト 当サービスは、アナドル通信社(AA)、フランス通信社 (AFP)、AP通信(AP)、 ロイター、ドイツ通信社 (DPA)、 ATSH、EFE、MENA、イタルタス通信、 新華社の著作権資料を含んでおります。当サイトの資料及びニュースの無断利用を禁じます。TRTはこれらのコンテンツに対する責任を負いません。, //, /japanese/shi-jie/2020/10/31/xin-xing-koronauirusu-indo-iran-rosia-irakunozhuang-kuang-1519188. This is considerably higher than the official count of 271,606 cases reported on that day. [115], Mohammad Mirmohammadi, a member of the Expediency Council which advises the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, was reported to have died of the disease on 2 March. [283] Russia provided Iran with 500 kits for 50,000 tests. Sep [235] Estonia confirmed the first COVID-19 case, an Iranian citizen living in Estonia who returned from Iran. He said that Iran had been more successful than other countries at controlling the virus, despite the US-imposed sanctions. The number of new cases fell to a low on 2 May, but increased again in May as restrictions were eased, with a new peak of cases reported on 4 June,[9] and new peaks in the number of deaths reported in July. Iranian officials had expressed concerns that many had ignored rules to stay indoor and cancel travel plans. A woman returning from Iran had also tested positive for the virus. [3] Later that day, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME) stated that both had died. "It has been approved that the individuals violating protocols would be fined and to make sure the infected people would be quarantine while their close relations should be tested for COVID-19," he added. It also said that U.S. sanctions against Iran have to targeted food, medicine, or medical equipment imports.[301]. Georgian CEC reveals voter turnout by 15 p.m. Weekly review of Azerbaijan's precious metals market, Iran increases value of exports via Kerman Province, Armenia's attacks on civilians should be perceived as war crimes against humanity - Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, 17 religious monuments damaged as result of Armenian aggression, including churches, Azerbaijani president's aide says Armenia shelled civilian districts even during Geneva meetings, Azerbaijani army destroys military equipment, manpower of Armenian Armed Forces (VIDEO), Armenian Armed Forces continue shelling Azerbaijani settlements - Defense Ministry, Azerbaijan confirms 547 more COVID-19 recoveries, President Ilham Aliyev expresses condolences to President Erdogan, Azerbaijan only restoring its territorial integrity, top official says, UzAuto Motors eyes expanding financing opportunities by issuing Eurobonds, Iran implements new limitations to prevent COVID-19, Georian CEC introduces media with the information about voter turnout for 12:00, Armenia deliberately burns down forests in Shusha - Azerbaijani president's aide, Tehran city council calls for extending lockdown, Uzbekistan int’l consulting organizations to transform large state-owned enterprises, Iran to inject new foreign currency package, VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) completes 9 months with profit, Military conflict in Karabakh drives Armenia to dead end - Russian edition. [74] On 2 April, Rouhani warned that the country might have to fight the pandemic for another year. [100] Another peak of 221 deaths was reported on 9 July, with the total number of cases exceeding 250,000. [215] On 30 June, the Minister of Health announced that a human trial for COVID-19 vaccine will soon begin after tests on animals were shown to be successful. [149] On 30 March, Iran banned all printing and distribution of newspapers. [181], In late March,[182] all parks and public gardens were closed by the order of officials and police did not let people enter. [193] On 17 March, the government warned that "millions" might die from the coronavirus if people were to keep ignoring health guidelines and continue traveling. [169][170] Prisoners in the city of Mahabad, in Iran's Kurdish region, also attempted to escape. [36][113][114] Iran's First Ambassador to the Vatican, Hadi Khosroshahi, died from COVID-19 infection in Qom. He added, "We’ve said the weakest link in their chain is the data. [185] On 20 February, according to a letter from the MOHME to the governor of Qom, a request was made to "limit the number of pilgrims at the Fatima Masumeh Shrine and other religious sites". One right-wing lobby group in the United States, United Against Nuclear Iran, has argued that all global humanitarian trade with Iran should be stopped and medical supplies should be prevented from reaching the country. On 19 February, two days before the election, the deaths of two Iranians from the pandemic was made public, which meant, according to Iranian journalists Filkins talked to, “we reported deaths before we even reported any infections.” By this time there were "hundreds" of ill patients in the hospital in Gorgan, and so many deaths "that a local cemetery hired a backhoe to dig graves". Jun [292] The UK, Pakistan, China, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the Group of 77 all urged the US to ease sanctions on Iran to help it fight the growing coronavirus outbreak. May [375][376] Another letter also circulated on social media;[attribution needed] it was signed by interior minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli and sent to Health Minister Saeed Namaki to request that the announcement of coronavirus outbreak be delayed[by whom?] [272] New Zealand announced temporary restrictions on people travelling from Iran. Iran to implement stricter restrictions as COVID-19 cases mount The new measures come as coronavirus infections rise sharply across the country, especially in the capital Tehran. [213], Restrictions were reimposed in Tehran for a week on 18 July 2020, and a three-day lockdown imposed on 22 cities and towns in the Khuzestan Province the following day. [282], The fifth batch of testing kits was dispatched to Iran by the World Health Organization on 28 February. [10] According to the Health Ministry, five thousand of the country's health workers had become infected and 140 of them had died from the disease by mid-July. The suspected number of SARS-CoV-2 cases in Iran was announced as 900 on 25 February. [281], The UN's Children Fund (UNICEF) has flown aid into Iran. Other concerns revealed by the data include that immigrants are statistically much more likely to die of COVID-19 in Iran, with 1,916 deaths in the country from the disease not being Iranian nationals, and that at one point during reporting in March the number of deaths was five times higher than the official numbers provided by the health ministry – the rise in cases was becoming increasingly steep but the spread was not being reported. [190][191], Rouhani ordered the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to make decisions about public commuting and the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade to build required medical equipment. [383] Member of parliament for Qom Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani claimed on 24 February that COVID-19 had arrived in Qom three weeks prior, in early February, that the first death had occurred on 13 February but was not announced by officials, and that the true number of COVID-19 deaths in Qom was 50. [189] Following this announcement, some people protested by entering the shrine, but they were driven out by workers and the doors were closed again. [377], On 9 March, Graeme Wood stated that he deems the official count "certainly an undercount", and provided alternative estimates which he calls "doomsday figures". On 19 February 2020, Iran reported its first confirmed cases of infections in Qom. [112][36] Iran's vice president for Women and Family Affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar, was diagnosed with COVID-19, as well as the Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Affairs Committee, Mojtaba Zolnour. "[287], The Iranian embassy in London claims that "US sanctions have made it difficult for governmental and non-governmental institutions to provide medication for people who are infected by the coronavirus. [196] On 25 March, the government warned that Iran might be facing a second wave of COVID-19 because people were ignoring guidance on travelling during the Nowruz holidays, and banned all new trips between cities. [23] Later increase in the number of cases in May was attributed to increased testing by the Iranian government. [28] The head of emergency medical services, Pirhossein Kolivand, was diagnosed with the disease. [389], On 3 August the BBC reported that leaked Iranian government records were showing deaths at almost 42,000 on 20 July, almost 3 times the ministry reports of 14,405, with those infected at 451,024 as opposed to 278,827.


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