how to calculate watts per minute
Once you get a grasp of this commonly-referenced cycling metric, though, you can use it to optimize your training and coaching. Your FTP is inversely proportional to your body weight. In relation to the base unit of [power] => (watts), 1 Watts (W) is equal to 1 watts, while 1 Btu Per Minute (BTU/min) = 17.584264210333 watts. Calculate the FTP of Elite cyclists (and yourself). A standard value of 8,8 kg is set, but you can adjust this value to see the impact. kWh calculator. If you see your FTP decline or stay stagnant for more than two tests in a row, it’s time to consult with your coach or adjust your training. Meet the Guitar-Playing, Headless Horseman Cyclist, Best Electric Bikes for Every Type of Rider, When to Exercise to Prevent Certain Cancers, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. 2.80 is a constant used in both formulas. Listed below are 4 examples of how to do this. It doesn’t matter if you test inside or outdoors. The previous tab was meant for all-round cyclists. Speed to Watts Conversion Calculator. I've spent over 10 trillion microseconds (and counting), on this project. Enter your age below. After, cycle easy for about 10 minutes to cool down. Example: It takes a particular kettle 1 minute and 46 seconds to boil a quantity of water. Simon Marshall, author of The Brave Athlete, says a 2.5 percent increase in FTP in a training cycle (around 6 to 8 weeks) is a good power increase. The table shows your attainable speed on a flat course and while climbing the Alpe d’Huez. Depending on your choice you will immediately see a number of subtabs. Attention: The tab for calculating the Alpe d’Huez, gives conflicting results. The air resistance factor depends on your bike position and bike design. At the third part you can make your own calculations on the achievements of top cyclists or other cyclists. After, cycle easy for about 10 minutes to cool down. Users experience is very important, that's why I use non-intrusive ads. The program calculates the FTP of your biker. A standard value is set at 1013 mbar, but to see the impact you can adjust this value below. This site is my passion, and I regularly adding new tools/apps. Online calculator. You abbreviate a watt as simply W, so a 100-watt light bulb converts 100 joules of electrical energy into light and heat every second. Enter your body weight and FTP at the next tab. 1 watt minute ( Wmin ) = 0.000017 kilowatt hours ( kWh ). Instead, the standard procedure is the following: Then, take the average power of that 20-minute effort and multiply it by 0.95 to get your FTP. The table shows the impact of a head wind. That number won’t affect your training at all, but it’s a good way to see how you compare to other riders. Enter the distance, the race time and the body weight of the biker. So rather than fixate on one bad test, keep training steadily, and you should see that number rise over time. For all other factors we entered a standard value. Find My Location: IP address, city, latitude & longitude. Since Btu ratings on heaters are per hour, multiply by 60 (60 minutes in an hour) for Btu’s per hour, per gallon, per minute. This tool converts btu per minute to watts (btu/m to w) and vice versa. The table shows the total impact of both factors. Your FTP equals the total power in Watts divided by your weight in kg. Before building your solar panel system, you need to estimate how many watt hours per day you will be using. The calculator is composed of three parts. While having a good FTP test is ideal, just remember: You might be in a phase of training where your endurance is improving for longer, easier efforts, or your high-end power for quick bursts is on the rise.


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