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If a companion animal is found unattended on shelter grounds or in parking areas, Farm Sanctuary staff may call the police to investigate. Taxi Services Dr. Jane Goodall praises the book, saying, “Filled with hope, this book is written for all who strive for a more compassionate world.”. The initiative bans three of the cruelest factory farming confinement systems – battery cages, veal crates, and gestation crates – in the state. Stocked with vegetarian food, cookbooks, and advocacy literature, Farm Sanctuary’s Vegetarian Van travels across the eastern half of the United States, building awareness around the problems associated with the production of meat, milk, and eggs, and raising funds for the fledgling organization by selling veggie hot dogs at The Grateful Dead concerts. Group tours need to be scheduled in advance and all minors will need to have a liability release signed by their parent or guardian before the tour. All the staff were so friendly and accommodating and the animals were extremely happy and well cared for.”. Farm Sanctuary rescues more than 200 animals from live markets in New York City this year: notably Maxine, the cow from Queens – her rescue becomes one of the largest media stories of the year for Farm Sanctuary, putting a spotlight on these city slaughterhouses that hide in plain sight. 1 hour from the Sanctuary. Please note: Route 17 is also Interstate 86. After years of Farm Sanctuary advocating against the mistreatment and slaughter of downed animals—and just days after the first reported case of mad cow disease is discovered in a downed cow—the USDA passes a historic ban on the slaughter of downed cows for human consumption. Farm Sanctuary is a primary backer and steering committee member, along with The Humane Society of the U.S., Arizona Humane Society, and Animal Defense League of Arizona. Snuggle up in one of our cozy cabins and start living the Farm Sanctuary life! The story reaches millions of people with a message of hope. North Carolina ‘Anti-Sunshine’ Law Struck Down as Unconstitutional. Contacting us in advance to make arrangements for service animals is strongly encouraged to assist us in preparing appropriate accommodations for the service animal upon arrival. At Farm Sanctuary, animals are friends, not food. Mail may not be sent to this address. United Stockyards Corporation—the largest stockyard conglomerate in the country—agrees not to accept downed animals at any of its locations. Four years after Florida’s precedent-setting ban of gestation crates, Arizona becomes the second state in the U.S. to outlaw this cruel practice by overwhelmingly voting “Yes on Proposition 204.” Arizona takes it a step further by becoming the first state to also ban veal crates. Farm Sanctuary also offers private group tours. Our 26-acre Southern California Sanctuary is located on a beautiful hacienda ranch in Acton, just 45 minutes from Hollywood, and provides Sanctuary for approximately 100 animals. Please bring warm clothes, umbrellas, water bottles, sunscreen, etc., as appropriate. Mockingbird is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19 guidelines- We hope to see you soon. Farm Sanctuary sponsors the landmark “Floridians for Humane Farms” ballot initiative. Visit local wineries, hike gorges and waterfalls, or stroll through an area museum. Farm Sanctuary’s New York shelter is located just west of Watkins Glen in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The chickens, like millions of farm animals across the South following the disaster, had been left to die or be bulldozed into mass graves. In 2019, the program expands into schools throughout the Los Angeles area. The historic farm is nestled in the small town of Byron, NY and has become a place of refuge for all human and non-human beings who step foot onto the farm! You’ll enjoy stunning views of our picturesque location in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York while learning about farm animal issues and forging a closer bond with the rescued animals at our shelter. Farm Sanctuary fights the disastrous effects of animal agriculture on animals, the environment, social justice, and public health through rescue, education, and advocacy. 1 day or several hours’ notice preferred, approximately $80. In order to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers, visitors, resident animals, and visiting service animals, certain areas of the sanctuary are accessible only by staff, our resident animals, and visiting guests. After a two-year Farm Sanctuary campaign, Wolfgang Puck announces that he is removing foie gras and crated veal from his menus, as well as implementing a nine-point plan addressing animal welfare concerns, including the addition of more vegetarian options throughout his businesses. More than 100 surviving pigs, some frozen to the ground, are brought to Sanctuary for emergency care and are later adopted into loving homes across the U.S. through our Farm Animal Adoption Network. We are currently closed for events and tours, From Route 14/Franklin Street, head West on Fourth Street/Route 409, Stay on Route 23 as it branches off to the left (one mile), Continue on Route 23 for eight miles and then turn left onto Aikens Road, Follow Aikens Road for two miles until you see the Farm Sanctuary Visitor Barn on the left. We envision a world where Sanctuary replaces exploitation. Bells Taxi For important safety reasons concerning our tour guests and the animals, school group tours are limited to ages 12 and older. To set up arrangements or for more information about accommodations we can make, please contact [email protected]. As a founding member of Citizens for Farm Animals Coalition in Massachusetts, Farm Sanctuary helps secure a 77-percent victory for Question 3, banning cruel confinement practices for breeding pigs, calves raised for veal, and egg-laying hens. Signed into law, the bill makes California the first state to enact legislation to prevent downed animal cruelties at stockyards and slaughterhouses. If it has rained in the past week, we recommend waterproof boots, as the Sanctuary gets very muddy. The organization educates millions of people about the plight of farm animals and the negative impacts of factory farming on health, the envir… We encourage you to get to know our animals through our animal rescue stories. If you are bringing children to the Sanctuary for whom you do not have guardianship, please email [email protected] or click here for a copy of the waiver to have signed before the tour. Shortline 607-734-2001 If you would like to arrange a group tour or want additional information, please contact [email protected]. As a precautionary measure due to COVID-19 concerns, we are temporarily suspending public programs and events at our Sanctuaries for the remainder of the 2020 season. Spend the day with us and take an hour-long guided tour, browse our unique gift shop, learn more about farm animals in our Visitor Center, or enjoy a snack on our scenic deck. The campaign continues to this day and has allowed us to reach millions of people with a message of compassion for these wonderful birds. Coach USA 800-647-6471, Car Rentals After discovering Hilda and multiple other downed animals unable to move due to sickness or injury at the Lancaster Stockyards, Farm Sanctuary launches our “No Downers” Campaign. A day after winning the Academy Award for Best Actor, and subsequently making a headlining acceptance speech in which he speaks to the plight of mother cows and their babies used in animal agriculture, Joaquin Phoenix helps to liberate a cow and her newborn calf—whom he later names Liberty and Indigo—from a Los Angeles slaughterhouse, and brings them to Farm Sanctuary.


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