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When to Use Is the patient able to: Take care of self. $47k - $130k. Update your browser to have a more positive job search experience. Duke University Health System maintains a broadband pay structure of 13 bands that are based on competitive pay practices and designed to establish the range of salaries that will be paid for respective jobs within the bands. Eligibility rules exclude unclassified jobs. The purpose of the annual performance review is to ensure staff receive candid performance information for the year and clear goals and development plans for the coming year. After determining the amount of effort needed, the next step is to collect the Institutional Base Salary (IBS) of all project employees. The length of an agreement to work a weekend option (WEO) schedule is a minimum of 6 months but the agreement may be extended indefinitely. Weekend Differential and Holiday Premium must be paid on the same hours. Staff working within the orientation and evaluation period. Standby Pay: Eligible staff who agree to stand-by for possible return to work will be paid a specified rate for each hour in stand-by status, regardless of whether or not they are called in to work. Salaries posted anonymously by Duke University employees. Duke personnel can be included in budgets with effort and zero dollars. Please note that few special overtime cards are submitted by departments. official version of the modified score here. The following rules regulate the ways in which premium pay may be paid to health system staff: The following categories and classifications of staff are not eligible for premium pay: DUHS pay premiums are applicable to primary hours for all biweekly classifications at DUHS and Private Diagnostic Clinic (PDC). Weekend Premium The supervisor will determine if any pay adjustments are necessary. All DUHS staff who work more than half of their work schedule between 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. are paid second shift premium for all hours worked. There is a 100 percent spread between the minimum and maximum of each pay band. After determining the amount of effort needed, the next step is to collect the Institutional Base Salary (IBS) of all project employees. https://www.duke-energy.com. If the demotion occurs within six months before the evaluation date (October 1) and is for a reason other than performance, a pay increase in that evaluation period will be considered provided the current pay falls within the range of competitiveness. Walk indoors. I also asked about the job family and it has nothing to do with pay scale as it has everything to do with classification. Candidate is highly experienced professional. Weekend Differential: Regular Rotating Schedule. The number of allowable shifts off will be prorated for employees who start on a WEO schedule after January 1. Because Duke employees are paid either monthly or on a by weekly basis these two approaches are difficult to impossible to address. If the demotion occurs within six months before the evaluation date (October 1) and is a result of performance, the annual evaluation increase date will be delayed to the following year. Only Duke employees and TBDs may appear in the Salary and Wages section of the proposed budget with the proposed compensation and fringe benefits. In these cases the budget should include appropriate estimates based on Duke’s established salary ranges as published Human Resources . To continue in weekend option status, a staff member must also follow the standards for scheduled and unscheduled time off. Standby Pay (Called In) This guideline is provided to assist in translating knowledge equivalency, whether achieved through actual experience or formal education. Staff must work a minimum of two (2) hours per continuous shift within the weekend window to be eligible for the weekend premium. Box 90496 Durham, NC 27705 Phone: (919) 684-5600 Have questions? Applicable knowledge, skills, and abilities; Other miscellaneous considerations including budgeting, legal concerns, and internal salary relationships. The WEO window for weekend option staff is defined as second shift Friday (3 p.m. Friday) through third shift Sunday (7 a.m. Monday). A WEO staff member may also work weekday shift assignments in order to fill the hours that the staff member desires to work and to meet department or unit staffing needs. Duke is committed to linking the opportunity for annual pay increases to staff performance during the year. In areas that utilize 8-hour shifts, a WEO staff member must work 16 hours within the WEO window. Overtime Option 3 – An option that pays overtime over 40 hours per week. I called about two or three jobs in the past two years and they told me everytime the salary range. There are also specific guidelines for determining merit increases for new hires. In 2020, Shelley will earn a base salary of $675,000, while carrying … $51k - … The opportunity for an annual merit increase is based on an individual’s annual performance evaluation and annually approved guidelines. Faculty members may request academic year salary support or supplement their nine-month salary with up to three months of summer support. However, no additional premiums other than overtime will be paid. The delivery of pay premiums under the Pay & Performance structure occurs within a broad banded structure. Have questions? The new pay rate should be within the range of competitiveness, as defined in the Pay Structure Features, of the new job (i.e., at least within 20 percent to 25 percent of the new market target). Browse Duke University Salaries by Job Title →, Research Assistant Average Salary at Duke University, See 29 More Duke University Research Assistant Salaries, Postdoctoral Associate Average Salary at Duke University, See 4 More Duke University Postdoctoral Associate Salaries, Teaching Assistant Average Salary at Duke University, See 3 More Duke University Teaching Assistant Salaries, Graduate Research Assistant Average Salary at Duke University, See 3 More Duke University Graduate Research Assistant Salaries, Material Services Manager Average Salary at Duke University, Recruiter Average Salary at Duke University, Graphic Designer Average Salary at Duke University, Residential Counselor Average Salary at Duke University, Research Associate Average Salary at Duke University, See 21 More Duke University Research Associate Salaries, Sr. For example, generally, NSF will only support two months of effort across all the PI’s grants whereas NIH caps the total salary that they will support. INSTRUCTIONS. Premium provided to clinical nurses who serve in a charge capacity at the unit level. For example, the salary range of a staff assistant is the following: Based on the guidelines above, a candidate with the minimum qualifications would be hired at $15.43. The following categories of staff are eligible for premium pay: 1. However, a faculty member can have several active submissions that include effort above 100% because many submissions are not funded. More than four (4) unscheduled shifts would require the employee to forfeit eligibility for the WEO program and premiums. Weekend Option – Clinical Nurses For employees in monthly positions, they receive a set salary each month. Duke University Health System administers compensation policies and programs that reflect the value of job duties and responsibilities, offer competitive and equitable pay, and provide opportunities for pay growth based on available resources and performance contributions. However, this time is not to exceed their regular scheduled hours. Shifts beginning 3:01 a.m. or after will be recorded on the actual day on which they occur. Principle Solutions Architect (Cloud/AWS/API etc). Eligible hours are paid at time and one-half. Supervisors may grant WEO staff members' requests for up to, but not to exceed, eight (8) scheduled weekend shifts off per calendar year. Duke Shelley signed a 4 year, $2,587,840 contract with the Chicago Bears, including a $127,840 signing bonus, $127,840 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $646,960. Duke University Health System has established guidelines for assisting managers in determining appropriate pay rates for different situations, including: The new hire starting rate of pay is determined by the hiring manager. The weekend for non-weekend option for clinical nurse staff is defined as second shift Friday (3 p.m. Friday) through 7:30 a.m. Monday. The staff member’s new supervisor will discuss the new performance standards on which the staff member will be evaluated in the next performance period. Instead, a half credit (50 percent) will be applied and added to the direct experience (i.e., a year of LPN experience would count as a half a year of Clinical Nurse experience). A lateral transfer generally does not change the staff member’s pay rate, as there is no increase in market target or responsibility. will either work for two hours or receive inconvenience pay for up to two hours of their base hourly rate. Differentials and premiums are not paid on overtime hours. Other professionals such as technicians or programmers may be hired on a full or part-time basis. NOTE: NIH guidelines restrict payments to graduate students to an amount equal to the maximum amount allowed for a first-year postdoctoral employee at the same institution performing comparable work. Salaries at Duke University range from an average of $41,238 to $119,073 a year. The new rate should neither be below the minimum nor above the maximum of the new salary range, as defined by the following factors: A lateral transfer occurs when a staff member assumes a job that has a midpoint comparable to the staff member’s present job. applicable knowledge, skills, and abilities, other considerations (budget, legal, internal pay relationships). Candidate possesses well established skill sets and performance capabilities. eating, dressing, bathing, using the toilet, Climb a flight of stairs or walk up a hill, e.g. Preceptor – Clinical Nurses If the awards come in, then the faculty member will need to negotiate his effort levels with the sponsors. Prior work experience is considered “relevant” to the staff member’s current job when the prior duties performed and the knowledge, skills and abilities gained in those prior positions are readily applicable to the job to be performed. Generally, this range of competitiveness is similar to the traditional salary range minimum and maximum. Biweekly Employee Pay Dates; 2020 Biweekly Payroll Schedule for Payroll Representatives (pdf) Monthly-Paid Staff (Exempt) Monthly Employee Pay Dates; 2020 Monthly Payroll Schedule for Payroll Representatives (pdf) Non-compensatory Payments. Ordinarily administrative support for grants is considered to be part of the F&A costs in the budget. Time away from Duke is tracked in the Exempt Time-off Reporting Tool accessible on the "My Time" page in Duke@Work if the position is in the University or School of Medicine or by Time and Attendance if the position is in DUHS.


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