contact form 7 configuration error
Basically, the validator is complaining for Mail settings for optional fields (even though “This field can be empty depending on user input“). Great to hear this Ryan, I know that it also took me bit of time to figure out how to fix these configuration errors (just to find out that there were no errors at all) but rather the way WordPress Contact Form 7 validator validates. Fill in the fields correctly to avoid these kinds of errors. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. In fact it still can in some circumstances. A mailbox is typically an email address. Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total). If you’ve never run the Contact Form 7 Validator, you’ll see this message until you do: Clicking on that link brings you to a new screen where you actually start the validation process by clicking Validate Contact Forms Now: Once the plugin has finished checking the forms, you’re taken to the Contact Form 7 page that lists all your forms. Let me look into that issue of other plugins possibly interfering with Contact Form 7’s additional headers function – I haven’t heard that before. Thank you for visiting our website (Psst, you too can hire us for all things website optimization, WordPress and Google), This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, How to Fix Contact Form 7 Configuration Errors,,, SEO Tutorial 2021 – Search Engine Optimization Lesson by RankYa, How to Get More Google My Business Reviews for Your Local Business, All Rights Reserved ©Copyright 2008 - 2020 RankYa trading as Online Expansions® ABN:37153449091, How to Fix Missing Author Updated and Entry Title, How to Optimize Images for SEO – Beyond Basics,, Validation issues with the subject line in Contact Form 7 have been particularly confusing to people until more recent versions of the plugin contained a clearer error message. Enter your email below. It doesn’t work for me. So now I knew the error was in the fields I had just pasted. Do You Know How Many People Are Clicking Your Email Signature? Now let’s view the most common Contact Form 7 validation errors, and learn how to solve them. I believe this is the most confusing part, as the wording is misleading and confusing. In addition to the FAQ, this official website provides extensive documentation covering a broad range of topics from creating your first contact form to customizing contact forms to meet your own needs. It saved a lot of time that I would have spent going over the code repeatedly, looking for some problem. The error showed up! Your email address will not be published. [text* your-name placeholder “Your Name”] I use the Contact Form 7 plugin on almost all of the WordPress sites I create. Therefore, its your job as the WordPress site owner to guide Google algorithms to determine what the URL is about so that it can show (rank) it in its search results. Recently, I was creating a very long form, saving frequently, and then noticed there was a configuration error: “Multiple form controls are in a single label element. There were almost 50 input fields! Find Pages That Need Better Titles And Meta Descriptions, Make Embedded YouTube Videos Start Wherever You Want. So you can put any text you want in to those Mail Tab settings. For example: fixing WordPress Contact Form 7 Configuration Errors is the title of this RankYa post, thus, I can sprinkle some of the target keywords within the comment (by editing it) (or within the comment reply). Fill in your email subject to add information on your email (e.g., Site Name – [your-subject]). Contact Form 1 contains all the fields a basic contact form may need. Then you’ll go to the regular screen that shows all your forms. Filed Under: Plugins Tagged With: Contact Form 7, email configuration, Hi! I went through this online support article but it does not help with getting the contact form to send. I can’t “change the email address you receive your contact form messages in to, making sure that it matches the email address that contains your domain name being the same as your WordPress installation.” because the email address in my client’s WP is from a solution’s company address. However, there’s a sense in which the email is NOT coming from you and your domain, it’s coming from the person who filled out the form. Please advise! You can add new fields to your contact form (e.g. I am not sure where the issue in the code may be. Using the popular Contact form 7 WordPress Plugin? I use the Contact Form 7 plugin on almost all of the WordPress sites I create. This is producing configuration errors. I opened up Notepad, copied the entire form, and pasted it into Notepad. I’ve been frustrated by this problem for a while. to fix my subject config issue with your post. In that case, I don’t even have the shortcode in the form settings. The code [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] is a sign that the contact form specified by the shortcode (described in the previous answer) couldn’t be found. No-Spam guarantee. It may also be seen in the Additional Headers field if you specify mail header fields that expect a mailbox value (Cc, Bcc, or Reply-To). Validate your contact forms now, This field can be empty depending on user input. In other words, it will just go to yourself! However, it seems that the plugin author has not clearly explained how to fix these errors. Keep in mind that ANY & ALL content on any URL becomes part of that URL which search engines like Google evaluates (once again, everything) on that URL. If it’s not email*, you’ll see an error because [your-email] can be empty or a non-email value.
As a matter of fact, I rarely put the subject field in basic contact forms. This would help establish where a possible problem is occurring. See If You Have Email Problems – most people that work carefully through this list of email sending issues are able to solve their particular problems. No error. The latest update in February 2016 has a new feature called “Validating the Contact Form 7”. The fix is simple: put an email address in the From field that has your domain name in it, then put the sender’s email address into the Additional Headers field with “Reply To” in front of it. To remedy this error: simply make sure that you include some text in those optional fields in Mail settings (as shown in the images). I hope this tip will save you time. Suppose you had the following content in the To field: It’s all right if you have [email* your-email] form-tag in the form template. This is just an error message coming from the new WordPress Contact Form 7 validator. If you forget the Additional Headers step, when you hit Reply in your email program, it will go to whatever address you put in the From field.


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