artsakh war
That the United States unequivocally demand that Azerbaijan and NATO member Turkey cease their aggression against Artsakh/Armenia. AAHR Calls for an Immediate End to Aggression Against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh) and Armenia. Iran, which has an Armenian community of up to 300,000 individuals, partially recognizes the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire and the Young Turks organization in 1915. He says he didn’t have access to Baku and because of his history with Kurds it was safer for him to come to Armenia’s side. A Christian believes in biblical values not in Babylonian “human rights”. Complete nonsense. He says he learned a lot. “That’s the thing with Azerbaijan and Turkey creating this war at the moment, the timing was perfect -- the world’s attention is elsewhere. Any relationship Israel had with Turkey collapsed once Erdogan and his Islamist friends took over Turkey. He assumed there must have been a large accident. Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. The Turks of Iran are very unhappy with this and are starting actions of disobedience. Ghessen is a former UK Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. My own thoughts, but I think Azerbaijan claims historical right to the land and wishes to expel the Armenians as retribution for what they (falsely) claim Armenians did in the 1990s. The international community had ample warning for months—if not years—since the 2016 war and, more recently, Azerbaijan’s unprovoked attack in July of this year on the Tavush region of the Republic of Armenia. I know you think of yourself as an expert on everything (mostly coming across as an arrogant jerk to be honest). basic and lacking any facts it’s pretty clear. Yes many left after the black coup of 79. So it’ll fly around, look for its target, and once it’s located its target for a user miles away, it’ll nose dive like a Japanese Kamikaze.”. Based on your previous blinkered US perspective and lack of any substantive analysis in foreign relations, I wouldn’t expect less so a debate is kind of pointless with such an arrogant, entitled mind. Tolerant to all religions. Great if you win, otherwise useless. The Republic of Artsakh and her people are under attack. I actually take a very strong anti-Turkish viewpoint on the situation in Northern Cyprus and believe that the Artsakh situation can be clearly distinguished. Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. This echoes what happened in 1915, when 1.5 million Armenians were targeted with elimination under the cover of World War I and the Spanish flu pandemic. The Artsakh War coupled with Arab recognition may very well see Turkey further isolated as Israel will keep turning its back to the Turks and looking forward towards the Arabs. That Israel cease supplying any and all military equipment, advice, personnel, technology, and intelligence — including that provided to Israel by America — to Azerbaijan. Matthew is an avid traveler who calls Los Angeles home. Azerbaijan does not allow ethnic Armenians, regardless of citizenship or passport, to enter Azerbaijan. Live and Let's Fly is owned by Award Expert, LLC. While I have no qualms with your argument (I too have been to Armenia, karabagh, and Azerbaijan and have great memories of all those places), I find self determination to be a form of victors justice. For example, did you or do you support the right to self determination for the south during the civil war, Turks in northern Cyprus, Palestinians, Kurds, Serbs in Bosnia? As Armenia stands virtually alone, relying on mostly Soviet and Yugoslav-era weaponry, Azerbaijan enjoys the support of two regional powers, Turkey and Israel. With Israel’s reliance on Azerbaijan and Turkey weakening, it is likely that relations will become even more tense as more Arab countries begin to recognize the Jewish state.


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