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Explore every day. Public transportation and taxis are very good for cities and even for traveling between cities. Traditional bread baked in clay tandoor. Khash is one of them, featuring 24h boiled beef or mutton legs. Well, any season can be the best time to visit Armenia. This is a very dynamic festival, held annually in Khot, around June. Check out where is Georgia on the map and why should you go there! More impressive spiritual edifices can be admired in the mountains. There is no special occasion for dolma food, so have a try. If you like dumplings, try Manti, the Armenian dumpli. There is evidence of an early civilisation in Armenia in the Bronze Age and earlier, dating to about 4000 BC. Beaches, coasts and islands. Bus is a typical means of transportation in Armenia. Besides the usual touristic attractions, Armenia has a spiritual strength which makes it strong and authentic. Instead of the powerful Azhdahak Volcano, you can see a round shape lake today. (Based on maps prepared by Z. Khanzadian for the Armenian National Delegation and Raymond H. Kevorkian and Eric Van Lauve for the Bibliothèque Noubar.) If you are looking for even more adventure, Armenia is a good destination for paragliding. Pre-recorded Webinars – On-Demand Online Training, Armenia Azerbaijan Casualty Report October 4,, Editorial: San Diego schools need a reopening plan, Texas jury rules that Apple must pay VirnetX $502.8M for patent infringement, the lastest verdict in a 10-year ongoing legal battle; Apple says it will appeal, Treadstone 71 - Analysis As a Service - Reports and Briefs, Waymo releases public road testing data on its self-driving operations in Arizona between Jan. 2019 and Sept. 2020, says its cars drove 6.1M+ miles in 2019, 'We've shown it can be done': For the first time in 13 years, Wadeye has high school graduates, Some ‘Biden Republicans’ just keep talking about a third party, Ant Group's IPO sees record $3 trillion in retail demand. Reset map … Destinations. Armenians are proud of their country and tourism suits them like a glove. Browse Videos. You can also find it on the 3,000 years old map of Anatolia, as it is the only remaining country from that map. It is situated at 1,900 meters altitude and it is so vast that ancient Armenians considered it one of three grand seas. A MAP FROM PTOLEMY’S GEOGRAPHY. Here you can see all sorts of competitions, traditional sports and games, music and dance, and even rope walking. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Gyumri, Shirak. Check the traveling conditions before you pack your bags. 2015 - 2019 by Adrian Sameli | Privacy Policy | Best in Travel 2020. Take the Tatev Monastery for example. Yerevan Yerevan is the capital of the Republic of Armenia, one of the three hubs of the South Caucasus and is home to over a million people - the largest Armenian community in … View all posts by Treadstone 71. If you want to visit Armenia, and you should, consider all the history this land saw. Your journey to Armenia will make you rich in a very profound way. Terms; This map was created by a user. This festival is dedicated to the pagan goddess Astghik, the Goddess of Water, Beauty, Love, and Fertility. This mountainous country resisted to wars and atrocities, with its unwavering faith. Video. Add to that the view of the snowy peaks from the middle of the city and your journey will be complete. Destinations. Various mural maps dating millenniums have been preserved in Armenia. Beaches, coasts and islands. Best in Travel 2020. From cabbage leaves to fresh young grape leaves, Armenians know to spice the meat and roll it in vegetables. Armenia is definitely on a hiking wave. Armenia is one of the oldest wine producers in the world. You can also find it on the 3,000 years old map of Anatolia, as it is the only remaining country from that map. Archaeological surveys in 2010 and 2011 at the Areni-1 cave complex have resulted in the discovery of the world's earliest known leather shoe, skirt, and wine-producing facility. You can try any of them, because they are fun and interesting. Contradicting the Soviet heritage are the traditional tea houses and Western restaurants. Where is Georgia on the Map? Search Lonely Planet. If you choose to travel by taxi, negotiate the fee because they usually don't have meters. Food and drink. In addition, Greek and Roman maps served as the basis. Featured. As the entire country, cultural monuments are deeply interconnected with natural life. A feast of traditional food is always a good reason for a festival. Armenians are united in spirit and traditions. You can get there by car, on a steep and narrow mountainous road or flying with the Wings of Tatev. This four-peaked volcano mountain is the center of many legends and historical sites. There are so many places to visit in Armenia and they offer a generous diversity. Today, it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, a touristic attraction, and a spiritual establishment. Winter in Armenia? Armenian religion is why you can see here some of the oldest Orthodox churches and monasteries in the world. It's about people and the impressive Armenian culture. Position your mouse over the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out. Vardavar Festival take place in Yerevan, 98 days after the Orthodox Easter. Snow season in Armenia lasts from mid December until the end of February. At Matenadaran you'll see a collection of Armenian manuscripts hosted by a building that can resist a nuclear attack. This small country is beautiful and welcoming. Nessus, Acunetix, Metasploit, Burp Suite Pro, BeEF, Nmap and Kali Linux. Lake Sedan has beaches and touristic resorts. Some experts would say it is part of Asia Minor but one thing we know is that it definitely is a country that spans the east/west divide. If you don't drink alcohol, try mineral waters (there are many mineral water springs here) and Kefir (fermented milk with many health benefits). Search Lonely Planet. Click the map and drag to move the map around. 05/10/2020 10/10/2020. It's sweet, light, and fluffy. You should also try anything cooked on fire, because it's their traditional way of cooking and it's delicious. A very good reason for a huge party. Armenia has a highland continental climate, with snowy, cold winters, and dry, hot summers. From the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and to the long Soviet domination, Armenia fought for national identity. It includes country boundaries, major cities, major mountains in shaded relief, ocean depth in blue color gradient, along with many other features. As everything else in this country, Armenian cuisine also reflects the land where is Armenia. So, if you plan a ski holiday, you definitely have to choose winter. Eager to see as much as possible? It is situated on the edge of a basalt plateau and it was built in the IXth century. Because summer can have temperatures around 40 ºC, you should consider the beginning or the ending of the summer (May 15th to June 15th or August 15th to September 15th). Bagratid Armenia and vassal kingdoms: Armenian kingdoms during 9th-11th centuries- Armenian and Region (Asia Minor) in 9th-11th centuries: The map of MEDIEVAL ARMENIA - Armenian Kingdoms during 9th-11th centuries: Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia 1199-1375 NEW There are many maps documenting Azerbaijani advances, but there is little proof to back these up. Choreg is a traditional Easter bread. Hence, the Armenian map has gone a long way till it reached its current state. Art and culture. The map is made by western European religious dogma, having Jerusalem in the center of the world an… Do you need a reason to splash people with water? In terms of architecture, you have Belle Époque represented on Abovian Street and Covered Market, and Soviet period represented on Northern Avenue. The capital of Armenia is Yerevan with a population of about 1 million people as of 2018. Boyrek is a pastry filled with cheese, perfect for breakfast or a snack. You won't forget an Armenian soup. Here is a short list of Armenian festivals, which will give you a clue about where to look first: You shouldn't miss the opportunity to taste some local wines. This dry land is perfect for wine. Harissa is a sort of paste made of korkot and meat. Teladoc Health, Inc. (NYSE:TDOC) Just Reported Third-Quarter Earnings: Have Analysts Changed Their Mind On The Stock? Katoghike is the oldest church in Yerevan, and it is built in pure Armenian style. Armenians speak the Armenian language, and many of them also speak Russian. It is the first country in the world which embraced Christianity. It was home for the most important Armenian university in the XIVth and XVth centuries. km (11,484 sq mi) in Eurasia's South Caucasus region. Wine and cheese producers come for all over the country to present their best products. After you figure out where is Armenia, the next thing you should consider is the language. Armenia has been in the the Soviet Union for 55 years (1936 – 1991). You can customize the map before you print! Actually, since 1990 tourism has been the most important industry in Armenia. It's a perfect moment to mingle among the locals. A small country in the Caucasus Mountains, Armenia is rich in history and culture. Try traditional foods while you are in Armenia. Learn how to create your own. If you want to know where is Armenia, take the map of Europe. Map of Armenia and travel information about Armenia brought to you by Lonely Planet. Dolma means stuffed and Armenians know how to make stuffed food. … Wings of Tatev is the longest reversible aerial tramway. Here is the highest point in Armenia, at more than 4,000 meters altitude. Keep in mind that the borders with Turkey and Azerbaijan can be closed. You have many things to learn and admire in a journey to Armenia. A city of contradictions, Yerevan will please any tourist. Journeys. It is a landlocked country. Interested in Caucasian countries? Inside the country, you have many options too. It surely pays off to find out where is Armenia. Besides history, traditions, and a spiritual journey, Armenia has amazing landscapes to show you. But Armenians are friendly and welcoming, and even if you don’t understand their language they will still find a way to be helpful. Lavash is an unleavened type of bread, made from wheat flour and spring water. Summer would be a much better choice, as it is an awesome time to visit cities and countryside, hike, and drive around the country. Armenia covers an area of 29,743 sq. It depicts the world’s disc like area surrounded by bitter waters. You'll fly over Vorotan gorge in a 12 minutes trip. This map shows a combination of political and physical features. Adventure travel. Cartography is the study of maps and also the process of making maps. Map. Besides endless hiking routes, you can visit monuments like: This natural park is protecting Lake Sevan, an unique ecosystem and the largest body of water in the Caucasus area. Art and culture. They pour buckets of water from their balconies and get outside for a water battle. Bread is special, holy, and not missing from any meal. It’s not hard to understand why Western languages are not so popular here. From modern cities to ancient churches, from hiking in the Caucasus Mountains to discovering the countryside and local traditions, Armenia is prepared for tourists. Just imagine you'll see all that beauty from above! This project is still in development, but parts of it are already done. Either you are a fan of wildlife or you are looking for outstanding views, schedule some exploration time.


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