arguments against rti

The Public Authority here includes the bodies of self-government established under the constitution or any law or government notification. He then cited a Supreme Court Division Bench judgment that reversed a CIC order and a Single Judge judgment regarding disclosing pendency information. They are formed under Representation of People Act, which is not the same as being created by the parliament. It also held that it need not be a major portion or more than 50% as no straitjacket formula can be resorted to in this regard.

For example, if a portion of land in a city is given free of cost or a heavily subsidised rate to hospitals, educational institutions or any other bodies that are funded by the government, it can be qualified as substantial financing. Finally, AG KK Venugopal made a brief rejoinder. He stated that if this judge were rejected on the basis of their homosexuality, than even though his sexual orientation is a private matter, it would be in the public interest to disclose the information. Finally, in 2019, a Public Interest Litigation was filed in the SC seeking the declaration of political parties as ‘public authorities’ and this matter is now under sub judice.

Mr. Bhushan argued that the independence of the judiciary is not necessarily harmed by the public disclosure of information pertaining to the Collegium or personal assets of judges. Right to Information Act is considered to be one of the most successful laws in India. What are the arguments against the Amendment?

All public authorities must digitize their records so that they are in the public domain and there is little need for the citizens to request information formally from the government. In the original bill, the salaries of the CIC and ICs were equivalent to secretaries and additional secretaries respectively. At any time during the tiers, if the student is suspected of having a disability the student should be referred for a case study evaluation. from the office of Chief Justice of India. It is also diminishing the status of the CIC, ICs and the State CICs from that of the Supreme Court Judge and would reduce their ability to issue the directives to the senior government officials, thereby undermining the basic principle of the RTI. Disclosure of their organisation, function and structure. It is an approach to statutory and constitutional interpretation under which common law courts interpret an enactment (statute, part of statute or a clause of the constitution) based on the purpose for which it was enacted.

This was done to give the central information commission autonomy and protection from government interference. The central information commission is headed by a chief information commissioner and 10 information commissioners.


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