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“it was pretty extreme. For his biggest role to date, Skarsgard beat off stiff competition from the likes of Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Charlie Hunnam and even Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps, all of whom were reportedly considered for the role of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ feral hero. He had shared the bits and pieces of his workout and diet routine before the release of the film that we had already shared with you. Now his trainer has revealed vital details of how the Swedish actor changed his body completely for the film. Alexander Skarsgard shopping at Gelson’s. Related: Alexander Skarsgard Talks Strict Diet for "Tarzan" Body. GymPaws® have been one of the best selling alternatives to gym gloves for nearly 4 years, and they're a favorite as gloves for pull ups, kettlebells, and Crossfit in addition to weightlifting. Theme by Press Customizr.

There were also good fats like almonds and almond- based products. During the cutting stages, the meals were focused on slow carbs and seafood like fish, shrimp, and lobster. Hold a battle rope in each hand, shoulder-width apart, your knees slightly bent.

I have got few concerns.

Their support helped him to look amazing in the film. The War of Everyone (2016) actor was able to constantly change his diet and ate up to 7000 calories a day because he has a strong metabolism, thanks to the fact that he has been very fond of distance running.
Be sure to keep your arms as straight as possible as you raise them over your head and throw them back down.

He's married to a model, he's hiked to the South Pole, and he's been the golden boy of Hollywood for a decade. The key food items that were vital part of the eating plan included lean meats, slow carbs, and good fats as they helped him bulk up. A lot of people don't release that what you eat is even more important then what you do at the gym. The renowned personal trainer explains that people often don’t realize that lifting heavy weights can lead to a lot of weight loss as it takes around two days for the body and muscles to recover. Afterall, Skarsgard needed to perform on camera as well as look pretty running around sweaty and shirtless for 90 minutes on screen . All in all, the bulking phase involved a bit of movement training and a lot of stretching and strength training. • cast-iron grip, For more articles like the Alexander Skarsgard Tarzan workout, nutrition tips, interviews and workouts, get TRAIN magazine direct into your inbox every month for free by signing up to our newsletter, Cory Gregory Workout – Welcome To My Crazy, How To Maximize Your Summer Transformation.

Thank you for signing up. You may be surprised to learn that he didn't transform into a muscle god by spending hours a day weightlifting in the gym.

You can also check out all GymPaws® Exercise and Fitness products on His weekly training plan was divided into focusing on different body parts such as chest, legs, front delts, rear delts and back. Lygdbäck also added in HIIT and strength training during this period. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 0. If you're looking to pack on slabs of lean muscle while maintaining a rock-hard core then you'll want to take-on this Tarzan workout. “But because it was Tarzan, we did need to work on his movement and explosiveness, too.”, Sign up below to receive our newest workout routines, recipes, news stories, and offers from our partners.

The Workout That Got Alexander Skarsgard Ripped For Tarzan. Grab hold of a rope as high as you can with both hands and pull yourself up. is part of A360 Media LLC Fitness & Health Network.

Magnus shared that before they came together for Tarzan, The Giver (2014) actor was a running enthusiast. He is also a nice human being and the fitness expert felt nice to work with him. To get his midsection into Tarzan shape, Lygdback had Skarsgård perform a variety of abdominal flexion and rotational exercises as well as anti-rotation, anti-flexion, and anti-lateral flexion to work his deep core musculature and protect against injury.

Some of Alexanders favorite exercises include Kettlebell Swings, which are great for sculpting the deltoids and traps. Copyright 2020 JW Media, LLC, parent company of Muscle & Fitness. Lift both hands above your head. He ran 10k (races) four times a week which was great.

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard seems to have it all going from him. Alexander Skarsgard’s Tarzan Inspired Workout Routine and Meal Plan. Swedish acting sensation Alexander Skarsgard is the 19th actor to play canopy-hopping adventurer, Tarzan. And he showed the same attention to detail when he chose the team that helped him get ready for the role. Reach up and grab it with two hands. I really love fitness and I'm very interested in healthy food. Tarzan may be the king of the jungle, but he’s also the king of abs. Planks, v-ups and russian twists were just a few. To embody the role of Tarzan on the big screen, he slashed his body fat and built lean muscle to his naturally slender frame. I´m skinnyfat too apperantly. After this session you will have achieved: He said that the Hollywood actor is a very hard working individual who is determined to achieve his goals. Your king of the apes-inspired workout that uses ropes to build gorilla-like upper- body strength. You’ve become fully accustomed to us here at TRAIN providing you with the hook-up and when have we ever let you down? Magnus shared that before they came together for Tarzan, The Giver (2014) actor was a running enthusiast. As we know, for some movie roles actors have to go to amazing lengths to transform their bodies.

After watching him rule the jungle on the big screen, moviegoers and gym buffs alike have made the Alexander Skarsgard

The calories were increased because he was losing weight and body fat despite eating 5000 calories everyday.

The program was designed in such a manner that the muscle was hit from every angle and a range of different exercises focusing on each body part was done.

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Battling Ropes were responsible for creating his symmetrical, "primate like" upper body including delts, lats and traps. For those of you who can’t wait for the film until its release to know its story, the actor has something special. Your email address will not be published.

And you guessed it… ZERO alcohol during his 7 month training period. the swede’s dedication and work ethic was instilled in him at a young age after he signed up for national service. Twitter. So when Alexander Skarsgard signed up for David Yates’ The Legend of Tarzan, there was an understanding that there would be an accompanying workout and diet plan with the role. A big tip and help .not just for building a beautiful body but to make your lifestyle heathy as well. Rodiney Santiago is a IFA Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. Tarzan Workout This Is The Workout That Turned Alexander Skarsgård Into Tarzan. Whatever he told me to do i did: barbell curls, at-bench presses, dead balls, trx, pad work, sprints, kettlebell swing and pull-ups. As you lunge from side to side, slam the ropes down next to your front leg so they hit the ground at the lowest point in your lunge. Would it be easier to workout if already fat, instead of slimming down first?
It changed with his changing workout regime. The workout routine of the current boyfriend of model Alexa Chung was very intense. I’d always have water with me.”. “and it was a shock for me working with someone at his level. Fitness Gorillas © 2020.

Very interesting video, I watched the video and read everything , really interesting! Here's your plan for building a king-of-the-jungle body that will catch Jane's eye.


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