15 invaluable laws of growth quotes
“But the more I learn, the more I can reflect…, To protect ourselves we have made scarecrows of economic systems, and governments, and elected officials, and medic…. … What happens when you compare yourself to others? In The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John shares hundreds of quotes that make you think. You must give up excuses and push forward. If you’re negative, you undermine your self-worth. Who looks outside, dreams. Each quote is highlighted in blocks so the reader can easily find them. ( Log Out /  It doesn’t matter how many opportunities you receive. I enjoyed reading each quote and reflecting how it could apply to my life. Change from accidental to intentional growth - insist on starting today and don't wait for growth to come; persevere and follow through; take risks You must know yourself to grow yourself - start with truth; Explore yourself as you explore growth … If you do those things while doing the right work with purpose in the right place with people you love, you will be living the good life. 18 Quotes From Wise People In “15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth” | Craig T. Owens, BibleGateway Blog (*I am a blogger here too), Maximize Leadership (*I host a podcast here), The Craig & Greg Show (our video leadership podcast), There are some things God wants to teach us that we can learn in no other way than to go through a dark night. Not only does he share his wise quotes, but he shares quotes from other accomplished leaders of our world. Here are a few of them… “What great accomplishments we’d have in the world if everybody had done what they intended to do.” —Frank Clark If you want to grow, consistency is key.”, “I strongly encourage you to find a place to think and to discipline yourself to pause and use it, because it has the potential to change your life. Who looks inside, awakens.” —Carl Jung”, “The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.”, “You cannot change your life until you change something you do every day.”, “The reality is that you will never get much done unless you go ahead and do it before you are ready.”, “The great men and women of history were not great because of what they earned and owned, but rather for what they gave their lives to accomplish.”, “Everyone enjoys being inspired. You can read my book review of 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth by clicking here. You can read my book review of 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth and its companion book JumpStart Your Growth by clicking here. If we want to change the way we think of ourselves, we need to change the way we talk to ourselves.”, “Stop comparing yourself to others. Beethoven, Wagner, Mozart, and Bach all settled down, day after day, to the job at hand.


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